B-TMSG – DC (Biomass Gasifier-based Thermoelectric Module Static Generator DC Power)

Our integrated solution comprises a biomass gasifier and TMSG-DC on a single skid which will be a portable gas based generator works on biodegradable waste. It is a renewable based cleantech product suitable for household applications.

TMSG – DC is a generator that works on Natural Gas or LPG and producing the electricity without any moving parts using Seebeck effect, i.e. if there is a sufficient temperature difference between the materials (PN Junction diode) EMF would be generated across the terminals.

Gasification is a process that converts organic or fossil-based carbonaceous materials at high temperatures (>700°C), without combustion, with a controlled amount of oxygen and/or steam into carbon monoxide, hydrogen, and carbon dioxide. The carbon monoxide then reacts with water to form carbon dioxide and more hydrogen via a water-gas shift reaction. Absorbers or special membranes can separate the hydrogen from this gas stream.

Simplified example reaction C6H12O6 + O2 + H2O → CO + CO2 + H2 + CH4 + other species

Biomass Gasifier

  • Tar content in gas is less than 25mg per cm3.
  • Charcoal based Nickel Catalyst.
  • High Calorific Value.
  • In Built Tar Cleaning System.
  • No additional energy required to maintain the temperature of the catalyst bed.
  • No water for tar cleaning required.
  • No wastage for gas production.
  • Portability, Highly reliable.
  • Smaller Size, Cold Gas efficiency 70%.
  • Cleanest Combustion on earth.

We are the first one in India and second worldwide in providing a thermoelectric generator having USP as given below:

  • More efficient as compared to existing solutions.
  • Specially Designed in concern with Indian weather (High Humidity, Warmer Country +50 deg, Rain, Storm etc.)
  • With smaller size, weight, portable.
  • Commercially 40% cheaper than existing.
  • 24*7* 365 power produced.
  • Low operational maintenance  as compared to existing foreign vendor solutions in Solar and TEG.
  • lesser footprint used as compared to existing solutions in Solar & TEG.
  • After sales service low expenses with 25 years of long life.
  • Total weight of the system is 50% less than competitor TEG.
  • Dismantling of product is possible on site unlikely in existing TEG.
  • B-TMSG DC can be controlled on remotely basis having automatic system.
  • It can be used as combined heat and power product which can used for space heating
  • It is based on Renewable Energy producing zero green house gases.
  • Its operation cost is as low as 0.


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