Pierluigi La Montagna

Industrial Designer - EUR-ERG - Technip Italy S.P.A.
Rome, Italy

Pierluigi La Montagna is an Industrial Designer, with the EUR-ERG qualification. He is specialized in Design of Control Centres and Control Rooms for industrial plants, including operational, lighting, acoustical, air conditioning and finishing design. Consoles and arrangement design, HMI and graphic interfaces design. Furthermore, for overall industrial plants projects: Individuation of ergonomic aspects in each project and set of the applicable Basic Ergonomic Principles (according to International Ergonomic Standards), with making out of ergonomic check-lists. Verification of the ergonomic principles application during the project stages: design review, plant construction and start-up.


  • Italy, University of Bologna. Master's degree in Ergonomics with ENEA-CNR-SIE.
  • Italy, Rome. I.S.I.A.

Current position: Discipline Engineer Sr. - Ergonomist in Technip, Rome (Italy) branch.