Entrant Profile

Firoz Siddiqui

Location: Pune, MAHARASHTRA India


Hobbies and activities: My hobbies include designing, innovating and making prototypes. there are 80 fields of designs and i involve myself in 20 fields ,like automotive, furniture, fmcg, white goods, lighting, games, social, mobile apps, simple gadgets and home decors, to name

Online communities: many

Inspired by: Depends on where i focus and the type of problem that i am trying to solve. there cant be one singular inspiration for a design, the best is to combine 3 or more inspirtations to make a design. Also A design needs to appeal to wider section of a people than a niche, thats my inspiration.

2013 Entries

Date Title Category Views Votes
04/24 Ultra Compact HVAC Transportation & Automotive 3239 0
04/24 Fempro Medical 3386 0