Entrant Profile

Richard Ray Ratliff "tre"

Location: Ft.hood, Texas United States

Company: R&R Inventors

Profession: inventor/designer

Number of times previously entering contest: 1

For managing CAD data Richard Ray's company uses: None

Hobbies and activities: inventing

Online communities: facebook myspace twitter

Inspired by: my father who thought of an idea called peanutbutter slices but never got it patented

2012 Entries

Date Title Category Views Votes
06/23 MagnaNgine Sustainable Technologies 3207 0
04/27 Magna-Shoe Consumer Products 5148 38
03/04 Virtual Paint Transportation 9109 101

2011 Entries

Date Title Category Views Votes
03/07 Magna-car MC-01 Transportation 3284 0