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Samuel Shiber

Location: Santa Barbara, CA United States

Company: Xtrak Medical Inc

Profession: Engineer/Designer

Number of times previously entering contest: 1

Inspired by: I have been involved with transportation related projects for many years. For example, after the 1973 Oil Embargo a group of us engineers built a “battery-less” Hybrid. It used an inexpensive hydraulic transmission and a simple air/oil accumulator to cut in half fuel consumption and emissions (https://youtu.be/gvoSCu6MEsc). Then ~1985, oil prices fell and car makers went back to building the more lucrative, larger cars.
Now, at this point in time, not EV and/or hybrids can do enough to make our personal transportation system sustainable. Thus, if we are serious about addressing the full magnitude of problems that we have and would like to improve urban driving conditions it behooves us to seriously examine game changing options before we spend fortunes on autonomous EV.
P.S. The enclosed is a not-for-profit presentation done with no monetary expectation on my part.

2016 Entries

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04/18 The Merged Car/Rail System Automotive/​Transportation 2293 0