Most of the times people near the traffic signals wasting time because of the particular time is fixed in changing signal eventhough no one is moving. Hence by using the sensors (like SICK's mid range distance sensors-DL50 which are cheaper and accurate), shifting of the signal will change automatically by detecting the vehicle presence or humans from the sensors which are fixed above the traffic signal. These sensors have measuring range from 200mm to 50000mm. Response time of 15ms/30ms and a good repeatability of 3mm/2mm.

Also another kind of sensors(like AMR-Anisotropic Magnetoresistive sensors) placed below the ground surface which measures the vehicle or human presence by using the magnetic field. Whenever nothing is passing over this sensor, will send ...

This design idea utilizes inexpensive webcams to add touch input and smart board features to ANY monitor.

The webcams are pointed at the screen from the left and right sides at a distance of about one foot. Each of the images is corrected for trapezoidal distortion due to the imaging angle in software.

Object recognition software detects the orientation of hands, finger locations and motion, calculating the activation touch point from the two parallax image planes provided by the two webcams.

The touch point is compared to the original image in the memory map determining the function to activate.

Estimated cost for adding the touch function is around $40, basically the cost of two webcams and plastic extension ...

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