My product is smaller than a clock and can be used by all people who are currently using electricity as their main source of energy. My product will eliminate overuse of electricity and save money.

The Electron Exciter employs an arc that can ignite the nitrogen, oxygen, and other gases in the air with the result being a bright white light. This light is produced with less than 2,500 watts at the secondary with 13 amps, 3 phase at the primary.

This arc,

We invented a novel Monocular Hyper-Reality Display with wide 160 degrees viewing that consists of a dome-shaped wide viewing screen with a radius of 40 cm and 160 degrees, a mobile projector with ultra wide projection lens and LED light sources,

Historically, the fitting, adjustment and alignment of prosthetic devices has been a highly skilled art relying on the training and experience of the prosthetist with input from the patient but with limited access to objective quantifiable measures (Gailey, 2006; Gard, 2006; Gauthier-Gagnon & Grisé,

This system will allow you to feel and enjoy the experience of real stage performance while being at home. The subject could be any song or a piece of orchestra available from any source, such as the audio output of T.V., cassette / tape recorder, record player, CD player,

The Problem:

Human beings have an unreasonable fear of their machines rebelling. Just recall “2001, A Space Odyssey” and “The Terminator.” It does not matter that this fear is illogical. We need to address it and define a different path for the 21st century.

The passive microwave imager radar design concept for the majikatek passive microwave imager unit.

POWERino is a comprehensive system of control and enforcement power.
It 'was designed with the need to have a single deviceequipped with a microcontroller (DSP) of the power amplifier and compact size to adapt to any type of application from domestic to industrial.

Periodic press in newspaper has generated a lot of papers in the world just for readers’ appetite. In order to preserve our eco system where we stay now, paperless is quite often one of the ways we adopt.

In order to reduce production of paper and ink,

Small, inexpensive, hand-held satellite terminals, similar to older cellphones (flip-phones) in size, configuration and cost, can bring literacy-training to all corners of the world. The devices would function in a text-only mode with twitter-like limitations on message-size and message-frequency.

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