My product is smaller than a clock and can be used by all people who are currently using electricity as their main source of energy. My product will eliminate overuse of electricity and save money. My simple device will convert the kilowatts being used by a home or business into up to the minute dollar amounts. Basically a person who posses my device will always know and monitor how much money is being spent on electricity before their bill is issued. Imagine being able to monitor your electricity use and cost whenever you want. With this simple but practical device families will be able to stop a problem dead in it's tracks by monitoring their energy usage. My device ...

The Electron Exciter employs an arc that can ignite the nitrogen, oxygen, and other gases in the air with the result being a bright white light. This light is produced with less than 2,500 watts at the secondary with 13 amps, 3 phase at the primary.

This arc, though low in amperage and wattage, is no doubt the most powerful Electron Exciter in the world. When the electrons pass through the air from one electrode to the other, the power from the arc can heat, treat, vaporize, ignite steam, convert atomized water to gas (hydrogen, oxygen), separate precious metals from pulverized ore, melt precious metals, and expose gold and other precious metals from sand that bears these metals.

The ...

We invented a novel Monocular Hyper-Reality Display with wide 160 degrees viewing that consists of a dome-shaped wide viewing screen with a radius of 40 cm and 160 degrees, a mobile projector with ultra wide projection lens and LED light sources, as shown in Figure1. In this system, we observed the HDP with only one eye and wider viewing of 160 degrees, which reduced the visual distance sensitivity of the screen and improved the hyper-reality score by 1.5 point, compared to the binocular type display.

Background & detailed description
Recently, hyper-reality or virtual reality displays such as CAVE and CyberDome Display have been developed. However, in order to make such immersive displays, large space of one room ...

Historically, the fitting, adjustment and alignment of prosthetic devices has been a highly skilled art relying on the training and experience of the prosthetist with input from the patient but with limited access to objective quantifiable measures (Gailey, 2006; Gard, 2006; Gauthier-Gagnon & Grisé, 2006) The iPecs Pro is intended to become the gold standard clinical tool within the Prosthetic Industry. The iPecs Pro software will have clinical real-time functional assessment features. This will guide the user through a series of subjective and objective questions and physical tests to determine the functional level of the patient. A report using the scale of the questions and the measured results from the physical tests will be produced for summation to the ...

This system will allow you to feel and enjoy the experience of real stage performance while being at home. The subject could be any song or a piece of orchestra available from any source, such as the audio output of T.V., cassette / tape recorder, record player, CD player, i-pod or the radio set.

The present advanced instrument keyboard system available is based on synthesis technology on which there are many individual modules of different instrument notes which can be selected and played. These same respective modules can be used to filter and isolate the respective sounds from the subject song including the male and female voices and can be individually amplified and fed to different individual ...

The Problem:

Human beings have an unreasonable fear of their machines rebelling. Just recall “2001, A Space Odyssey” and “The Terminator.” It does not matter that this fear is illogical. We need to address it and define a different path for the 21st century.

The problem’s root is that we have a master/slave relationship with our machines. Historically such relationships have ended badly (think Rome, and the antebellum South). Fortunately, there is an easy solution, one proven by history:

* If you do not want a slave rebellion, then do not keep slaves.

It is that simple. And, if you persist in keeping slaves, do not arm them.

Unfortunately, we already appear to be too late ...

The passive microwave imager radar design concept for the majikatek passive microwave imager unit. The portable passive microwave radar imager is designed to be used in the field under all weather conditions to do real time full motion imaging through materials much like ground pentrating radar but in real time with full view imaging capabilities.The proposed design has video radar imaging capability for full motion radar video. The unit uses electronic micro chip monolithic microwave intagrated circuit module technology and is an electronic phased array rather then large electro mechanical discrete component design with mechanical scanning. Much like the microchip has revolutionized computers they can also revolutionize radar technology. By using a chip design the majikatek passive microwave radar ...

POWERino is a comprehensive system of control and enforcement power.
It 'was designed with the need to have a single deviceequipped with a microcontroller (DSP) of the power amplifier and compact size to adapt to any type of application from domestic to industrial.
Equipped with Bluetooth expansion integrates with smartphones (Android & iPhone).

-Texas Instruments DSP 32bit for real-time applications
Power Amplifier 4-channel MOSFET 3 A nominal each. Use as half bridges H 4 (Four Half Bridge) or H-2 Bridges (Dual Full Bridge).
-Hw integrated short-circuit protection and over temperature protection.
-Bluetooth expansion (Standard & Low Energy 4.0)
-Dimensions 60 x 40 mm (can be inserted in flush-mounting DIN 503)

More details at: http://www.powerino.com/


Periodic press in newspaper has generated a lot of papers in the world just for readers’ appetite. In order to preserve our eco system where we stay now, paperless is quite often one of the ways we adopt.

In order to reduce production of paper and ink, Roll Top Electronic Newspaper is the future way to gain the latest worldwide information. The gadget is a portable device in a film form (about 1 mm thick) that is ultra flexible enough to be rollable and enclosed in a cylindrical container which enables easier carriage. It uses flexible touch screen technology to enable reader browsing, copying, filing and other information managements.

This gadget adopts flex circuit technology which uses a matrix array ...

Small, inexpensive, hand-held satellite terminals, similar to older cellphones (flip-phones) in size, configuration and cost, can bring literacy-training to all corners of the world. The devices would function in a text-only mode with twitter-like limitations on message-size and message-frequency. A small LCD screen and a small keyboard would be used by students to play games and take lessons and tests involving vocabulary, spelling, syntax, grammar and other elements of literacy. The short message-length will enable large populations of users to be supported without requiring excessive bandwidth or power. The small size of these hand held devices will facilitate private training of students, including girls, in locations where public training might be controversial.

More detail:
The satellites would be a ...

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