The community welcomes their SULO Bins almost everywhere worldwide. These bins are seen as a very appreciated service and hold great credibility for what tasks they perform. Such SULO Bins are therefore the ideal community service to add a lid with greenhouse gas capture benefits to reduce the methane,

New World Product Solutions has developed an eWheel End Concept for semi-trailer Tractive Power and Power Generation by placing a motor-alternator/drive unit directly inboard of the brake mechanism of the rigidly suspended wheel ends of each Trailer axle. To accomplish this, an Independent Suspension System is used.

Measures to reduce collisions, injuries, death and the resulting cost to society and environment.

Require vehicle motion data and visual recording systems in all new vehicles to provide information about travel and driver behavior before and during vehicular collisions.

Water enters the combustion chamber and separates into hydrogen and oxygen and explosion occurs.

No friction. No lubrication system.

Fuel -- Water, Steam, compressed air, alcohol, biofuel, hydrogen, natural gas, gasoline,

My idea aims to add greater safety factor to automotive vehicles by addressing the human side of the driving using the below approach:

Detect unruly or impulsive behavior through measurable responses such as constant abnormal acceleration/braking, rapid steering movements, continual over-speeding beyond a set safe speed, etc.

Consistently, backing accidents account for 25% of all motor vehicle accidents. Preventing damage and injuries due to these also means reducing the risk of related lawsuits and lost time for companies and their employees. According to the FMCSA,

Maglev trains are a very popular topic because of their high speed, energy efficiency and capacity of passengers. However, in today's world, Maglev trains are very expensive technologies with very low applicability rate compared to other types of transportation methods. Also,

The Gator is an intermediate trailer that houses batteries and an electric motor to instantly convert any semi-tractor into a plug-in hybrid.

The Gator will revolutionize the transportation and shipping industry to quickly convert many tractors to run mostly on grid power.

This information and video overview of the TEPStm MOG Canal Boat describes a 35 year working solar vessel that is privately owned and precisely matches the four words above. We seek to have designers, engineers, corporations, agencies,

Cars are equipped with Advanced Safety Technologies, and when the cars collide with objects these Safety Shock Damping Apparatuses come into action.

Shock Damping Starts from the Bumper then to the Body Frame(Crumple Zone), and then to the Airbags, and the Seatbelts.

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