Entrant Profile

Andrew Rankin

Location: Idaho Falls, Idaho United States

Company: Idaho National Laboratory

Profession: Scientist

Inspired by: Dr. Tedd Lister is a research scientist and group lead at INL who specializes in electrochemistry. His current work involves energy conversion reactions, electrosynthesis, surface modification and recovery of critical and value materials. His specialties include electrochemical energy conversion, corrosion science, electrosynthesis, electrodeposition, scanning probe microscopy and materials selection.
Dr. Luis Alejandro Diaz Aldana is a scientist engineer researcher at Idaho National Laboratory with experience in electrochemical engineering, electroanalytical techniques, electrocatalysts, and modeling of electrochemical systems. He received his doctorate in chemical engineering from Ohio University, and his master’s and bachelor’s in chemical engineering from Universidad Nacional de Colombia. At INL he has been involved in electrochemical recovery of base and value metals from electronic waste and electrochemical upgrading of bio-oil, engineering the electrolyzer configuration and experimental tests.

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