Entrant Profile

Donna Baek

Location: Idaho Falls, Idaho United States

Company: Idaho National Laboratory

Profession: Scientist

Inspired by: Dr. Donna Ly Baek is a research chemist at Idaho National Laboratory specializing in supercritical fluids and metal extraction. At INL, she contributes her knowledge on supercritical fluid extraction to develop a supercritical fluid extraction and separation technique for recovering and recycling rare earth elements (REE).

Dr. Fox is a senior chemical research scientist actively involved in proposing, capturing, performing, and directing innovative scientific research in the areas of analytical chemistry, process chemistry, electrochemistry, supercritical fluid sciences, nanomaterials synthesis and characterization, metal –complexation reactions, lanthanide and actinide separations, renewable and biofuel synthesis, geochemistry, environmental radiochemistry, LIBS atomic spectroscopy, laser spectroscopy, and molecular spectroscopy.

Dr. Tedd Lister is an electrochemical scientist with Idaho National Laboratory with broad experience in energy storage, electrolysis, electrodeposition, and analytical electrochemistry. His work involves energy conversion reactions and surface processing for materials applications, also corrosion research, both applied and basic.