ViBo Health is tackling the challenge of accurately tracking health conditions, wellness, fitness, nutrition, and recovery. Our first use case is pre-diabetes risk identification (“early warning”) and tracking. Our approach can be highly valuable for payers, including insurers and employee wellness programs. As a B2B2C,

Significant innovations in Rendezvous, Proximity Operations, On-Orbit Servicing, and small satellite docking are required to enable the booming space economy. These technologies enable small spacecraft to trade goods and services with each other in their relevant working environments, whether Low Earth Orbit (LEO), Cislunar Space, or Deep Space.

When designing the ExoMotus™ M4 lower-limb exoskeleton robot, the primary goal was to create a device that simplified gait training for both therapists and patients. Eliminating the need for complicated setup and control procedures required by other exoskeletons.

The Square Trajectory Mechanism performs the exact square trajectory, using only one source of rotational input and without any constraints or guidance applied to the output point of motion. The entire mechanical assembly is exclusively contained inside the square perimeter.

This power plant uses the landscape in three ways to create power that can be regulated keeping surges at a minimum. The power plant is adjacent to an area were deep water is on one side and lower land or water on the other.

Excessive fan noise is prevalent everywhere, from noisy aircraft engines to annoying vacuum cleaners. The rise of drones or Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) has contributed to this issue, particularly in cities, due to their constant humming. The incessant fan noise of drones can cause considerable nuisance and stress,

What is the invention?

Demonstrating the fastest optical switching signal in the attosecond time scale (1 attosecond = one quintillionth of a second) and encoding date with petahertz rate on ultrafast laser pulses.

How does the invention work?

Today, technology is available to transform transportation. Our all-electric National Transit Service™ (NTS) is an automated nationwide ‘door-to-door’ service to be implemented in stages across the U.S., beginning with the gridlocked urban areas in which 80% of our population live.

Our groundbreaking project combines innovative technology and sustainable energy solutions, introducing a floating solar panel system equipped with a smart tracker, cleaning mechanism, and cooling system. This extraordinary combination not only increases the overall efficiency of solar panels but also maximizes power generation,

Most of the world’s power is generated at centralized locations (power plants, wind or solar farms, etc.) and then must be transmitted over cables at high voltage (HV) to minimize electrical losses.

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