The presence of antibiotics, pesticides and toxins has reached an alarming situation. Though there is a push for organic food, there is no analytical instrument which can give instant results to detect food contamination. Existing methods use wet chemistry and need sophisticated instruments like HPLC and mass spectrometers.

Center pivot irrigation is a widely adopted agricultural method that employs a rotating arm with nozzles to distribute water over crops. To optimize water usage and enhance efficiency, an IoT-based variable rate irrigation system has been developed. This system integrates sensors, satellites,

Currently, air-breathing electric propulsion ramjet configurations are considered worldwide. However, configurations with air scoops suffer from significant momentum losses due to air collimation and drag. One idea that was proposed a few years ago and requires further development is a direct scramjet configuration that can significantly reduce drag.

A fundamentally new type of power mechanical gyroscope Gyro_6DoF with the maximum number of degrees of freedom in a holonomic mechanical system is proposed, the operation of which was developed and tested using AI.

Have you ever noticed how dirty the front wheels of vehicles are? Do you know why? Brake dust!

The wear of brake pads and disks is a ubiquitous source of secondary emissions in all urban centers around the world!

The Dual High Efficient Generator has numerous applications from which it can produce electric power and benefits over a traditional generator design. Here’s some examples:

By having an inner & outer Generator, the loads are equally balanced by the two generators, thus minimizing the resistance on the coils &

SMARTRIX® Traffic Light System in coordination with the In-Vehicle traffic light sensor- announce on the vehicle speaker and display on the monitor the color of the traffic light ahead for the color-blind drivers to hear– this enables and empowers the seriously color-blinds to “safely drive:”.

The Advanced Drive Cycle Generation Device project aims to develop an innovative device that generates realistic and representative drive cycles for accurate vehicle performance assessment and fuel consumption analysis. By leveraging state-of-the-art technologies, data analytics, and artificial intelligence techniques,

RoFo EIGHTEEN-WHEELER BevDisHeadgear beverage dispenser. A42B1/004 - Decorative arrangements or effects: Hats, caps and hoods with special decorative arrangements or visual effects. I, Randall Flann, aka RoFo, was awarded a United States Patent: October 19, 1999, U.S. Patent number: 5966743A,

How can we feed astronauts on multi-year space missions?
TEAM ASTRONOSH declares: insects will be part of the solution!

Our multidisciplinary team is pioneering the future of food with an innovative, circular food system that produces nutritious, tasty fare for astronauts deep in space,

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