The proposed computational model of the human body is going to revolutionize the field of medicine. It would be deux ex machina of medicine. From now on, instead of treatment based upon trial and error, we would be developing the precise treatment using the model derived from the genome of the given patient.
The following steps would be followed:
1. A sample of the nucleated cells is taken from the patient.
2. The patient's DNA is sequenced using one of the modern fast sequencing methods.
3. All the known genes are identified.
5. The models of the differentiated cells are developed on the basis of the known differentiation patterns. Hence, we would know what set of proteins is ...

What problem does your design idea solve?
What are the potential benefits?
How is your idea novel or an improvement on what is currently available in the marketplace?
Where would this idea be applied?
What is the market potential?
How does your design work?
How would your product be manufactured?
How would the production cost compare with products already in the marketplace?

1. My idea solves the problem of people selling their whole prescription right when they get it. It will also stop suicides because you cant get all the pills at once. It will also help drug addicts take less dosages over time to help them stop their addiction.

2. The benefits are that it stops prescription drugs ...

In testing with Special Operation Forces (SOF)
DAMPS Technology Smart Boots recorded a redution in heel strike of over 68%. That means a soldier, anyone wearing DAMPS can walk 10 miles and save the shock of 7 miles.

Plantar fascitiis is the number one injury seen by podiatrists. Low back problems are the number two cause of employee downtime. Currently DAMPS is a 510(k) exempt medical device. Our plan with Phase II-III DOD program testing is to gain 510(k) medical device status for the prevention and cure of plantar fascitiis, and impact related back and lower extremity injury.

There are no industry comparables that can come close to the shock mitigation demonstrated by DAMPS Smart Boots.

In addition to ...

Problem: According to the US Center for Disease Control, an approximate 6 million people in the US suffer from chronic wounds caused by diabetes, circulatory problems and other conditions. An additional 1 million people have acute wounds including burns, lacerations and traumatic wounds each year.

Current Solution: Traditionally, wound dressing materials like gauze are used to passively protect the wound. However, recent progress in tissue engineering has revolutionized wound dressing materials. Today’s wound dressing materials like semi-permeable foams/films, hydrogels and hydrocolloids are bioactive, i.e. they can actively participate in the process of wound healing. But these materials do not provide a proper substrate for cells to adhere and proliferate.

Electrospinning: Electrospinning is a widely used ...

Worldwide, hundreds of millions of people are suffering from sleep disorder problems. Obstructive Sleep Apnea(OSA) is a sleep disorder in which people repeatedly stop breathing during sleep. It is caused by muscle relaxation during sleep, and the breathing can be obstructed. Such effort may wake up the sufferer and makes sleeping of low-quality or even totally deprived. The blood oxygen level decreases, blood pressure rises and sometimes heart beats irregularly which may cause cardiovascular problems and even deaths.

CPAP is the most safe and effective treatment for OSA. The CPAP machine blows air at a prescribed pressure. The CPAP systems used for OSA treatment are usually based on a blower and an exhalation port (intended leak orifice). The ...

I envision a piezoelectric ratchet stepping motor to circulate blood as an improvement to the HeartMate II. The digital piezoelectric turbine will circulate blood with more accuracy and control than a linear electric motor. With low power consumption, less parts and natural redundancy of design will ensure its reliability. The large surface area of the piezoelectric drive(stator) will provide more torque and less EMF. This motor would be direct drive- eliminating gears and backlash that are factors in other motors. The motor uses the motion of the crystals when voltage is applied. The crystals can be driven by sine, square and other various wave forms as well as varying speed and direction per input.

To show how it ...

It appears that the medical products presently available to patients lack a critical energy source.

This is very true for Insulin Pump wearers. If the batteries should go bad, there is no backup available until the user can get new ones.

I propose the use of an energy harvest setup to operate like a hybrid power system where the energy harvester provides operating power during normal activity and the battery is charged. During rest, sleep, or low activity times the battery will provide the required power.

I believe that this would enable the device to operate nearly non-stop with the exception for replacing the insulin vile ...

Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) is a disease which can begin from a small part of the body like a finger of the hand and start spreading to other parts. The muscle movement of such patients deteriorates continuously affecting the entire body. Hence gradually the patient loses the ability to talk and move. The last preserved movement in these cases is eyebrow movement.

The idea is to design a medical product that can assist such patients to communicate with the outer world to meet their daily needs. Eyebrow Communication is designed to facilitate the patient to communicate. Easy Talk is a low cost device with which the patients can express their needs and call at the time of help.

The problem as everyone knows is the longer you are in a zero-g environment the more your bones waste away and your muscles become less efficient. My idea is not an ideal solution but hopefully it would be enough to reduce the problem on long voyages or time in zero-g. As the images show it's not much more than a revolving tube in which the astronaut would sleep, or if there are duties that involve interaction with a computer.

The Inner tube (blue edged) is large enough for an astronaut to stretch out there arms to touch a large touch screen on the other side of the tube. The screen is there to alleviate the feeling of being confined ...

The FlexFit Nasal Cannula employs a flexible septum hugging set of flow ports (prongs) to accomplish a snug and comfortable fit for any patient.

The FlexFit Nasal Cannula addresses a common problem, encountered usually by eldrely patients that are on a prescribed regimine of oxygen therapy. A large number of these patients experience dislodging of their nasal cannula multiple time daily.

The FlexFit Nasal Cannula will ensure that all oxygen therapy patients can experience an uninterrupted flow of their prescribed O2 levels.

**The nasal cannula (NC) is a device used to deliver supplemental oxygen or airflow to a patient or person in need of respiratory help. This device consists of a plastic tube which fits behind the ears, and ...

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