Measuring big things is always a challenge. To measure mountain size objects, the golden technique today is using drone topographic scan or ground topographic surveys. These are nice and precise techniques, but they have a few limitations: usually need human intervention,

LV-01, a disaster mitigation research robot to house modular payloads ranging from sensors to manipulators to help and assist with disasters along side first responders in singular or collaborative from.

This design is focused on providing a very different approach in the usage of a compass with conventional tools. The concept of draughtsman vernier compass with scale. It consists of pin pointed end, graduated scale, slider.

We designed air-powered circuits to control the rhythmic motions of a walking robot without using any electronics. Our research was featured on the cover of Science Robotics and in various news articles including Tech Briefs magazine.

Tech Briefs Articles

In the new world business model, it has become not very profitable to produce a product in a single business. For this reason, no matter how many parts a product consists of,

Our goal is to reduce RSI and to automate tasks in industries that haven’t used robotic arms yet due to high costs. We accomplish this by using gravity compensated robotic arms, allowing us to reduce motor cost, use simpler power electronics and control,

We want to see the robots of the future! How can robotic companions or assistants help us thrive in this new normal? This design utilize robotics in a unique way, as a personal assistant and something else entirely!

The main problem faced by homes that do not have a good foundation is typhoons or hurricanes having a great deal of wind force.

The innovation solves the problem of massive demolition, earthmoving, and drilling without using explosives or explosive propellants. The innovation utilizes a linear motor device and projectile (such as a railgun) to create tunnels and shafts, break rock, and move soil.

Requirements for the Mo
The Mo was designed specifically as a lightweight yet sturdy solution to give people with a disability “Mo”-re enhanced ability to access area’s they have not been able to previously.

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