Researchers, engineers, students, and post-doctoral researchers involved in cryogenic experiments are well aware of the substantial time investment required to construct a system before gathering initial data. When starting a new experiment, it may take several years or, at the very least,

Life is really hard for the visually impaired or blind individuals, to the extent that they are unable to see what's happening around them, including reading books or understanding Morse code. However, there are solutions available to address this situation and potentially help them regain some level of vision.

The project is about a camera that can recognize and distinguish stray animals, and a feeding unit that can recognize lost animals with this camera and notify the relevant people, and its working method.

In particular, the project is about a feeding unit with artificial intelligence,

The project "Design and Development of an Automated Poultry Feeding System using Microcontroller-based SmartFlock Technology" aims to revolutionize poultry farming practices by introducing an innovative automated feeding system. The project addresses the challenges associated with manual feeding processes in poultry farms, such as labor-intensive tasks,

The human sense of sight is crucial for perceiving and appreciating the beauty of the world around us. Unfortunately, there are individuals who are visually impaired, and they face significant challenges in their daily lives. These individuals, commonly referred to as VIPs (Visually Impaired People),

Generally, we see a tendency to replace electromechanical fuses and relays in the automotive board net. Especially Electronic Control Units (ECU) for Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) functions are driving this trend. For safety reasons,

Tactile interaction can be considered the next frontier for human-computer interaction. A generic approach to converting digital information into tactile information is to manufacture matrices of driven pins that function as “tactile pixels”. Unfortunately, the manufacturing costs behind such matrices are typically very high.

Sweeping is often a hassle especially when dustpans don’t scoop up all the debris leaving unpolished floors. Traditional vacuums are bulky and can scratch floors. And the new autonomous vacuums, such as Roomba, are great but time consuming, do not climb up stairs,

The electric demand reducer is made to operate with two air conditioners/heat pumps. The device will monitor the 2 units request's to run from the thermostats. Electric demand is the amount of power used instantaneously. Electric generation has be sized to handle the demand.

Geometric Algebra formalism opens the door to developing a theory deeper than conventional quantum mechanics. Generalizations, stemming from implementation of complex numbers as geometrically feasible objects in three dimensions, unambiguous definition of states, observables, measurements, Maxwell equations solution in those terms,

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