Problem: The loss of a limb severely affects one’s independence, by limiting the performance of activities of daily living. Although artificial limbs have been developed to accommodate those with limb loss, current hand prostheses are rarely used. Majority of amputees we talked to claimed that they would rather perform tasks using the remainder of their limbs whenever they can – with the resulting unnatural posture causing chronic back pain and an overuse of the functional arm, leading to further health complications. These current hand prostheses are of heavy weight, uncomfortable fitting, and complicated control interface.

Our solution and innovation: We have developed a soft prosthetic hand with features addressing current issues with hand prostheses and the need of upper-limb amputees ...

Jogging and fitness has become a nationwide movement, but the rate of sports injuries increases as well. However, most people do not know how to use elastic therapeutic tape to protect and cure injured joints. Sometimes they use it in a wrong way that even make it worse.

The Xbandage app makes the elastic therapeutic tape which requires professional technique and experience be easily used via the AR guide. Through the AR guide in the XBandage APP, the smart mobile shows users how to use elastic tape on the joints, simulate the real-time method of pasting, and show the teaching information so that the users can easily put on the tape. The system also integrates the suggestions from physical ...

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