There is proposed information technology, software and results of research of 4790 arterial oscillograms of 1190 healthy individuals and patients (14 nosology), 56 simultaneously recorded ECGs and arterial oscillograms of healthy individuals, justifying the proposed solutions.

Arterial oscillograms are obtained using the monitoring of blood pressure and the frequency of heart rate, able to register the value of cuff pulse pressure, export information via external data exchange interface in PC (required in the mobile device an operating system supporting java applications) and developed by author's computer program, created for further analysis of obtained data.

Pressure curve is traditionally used to determine blood pressure and heart rate. Some modern devices propose a possibility to assess arrhythmias. The authors of the ...

This is in advanced improvement of the existing smart cane which has deficiencies which are corrected in my design. The smart cane is named 'MAGIC WAND" which is of high impact plastic, painted with radiant color for the head lights of vehicles in the night. It is three feet in length with a rope loop at hand end and a wheel at the other end. The wand is held at the hip level and the wheel just three feet away from foot of user, keeps moving sensing the ups and downs of the contour of the path as also the pits, slush, open drain. This is unbreakable and no wear and tear. This has no power for movement of ...

Name: Skin Model
Slogan: Don't think that beauty belongs to us alone. Use "Skin Model" to test cosmetic products!
Tagline: Fighting animal testing!

The cosmetics industry makes billions of dollars annually. Not only women of all ages wear makeup, but also men do. However, only a few of us wonder that approximately 100,000-200,000 animals suffer and die just for cosmetics every year around the world. These are rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, rats and mice. It would seem that cosmetics companies could produce new, safe and exciting beauty products by using the thousands of ingredients with a long history of safe use, because these will have existing safety data and will require no further animal testing. Nevertheless, animal tests continue ...

Pumps rank second to electric motors as the most mass produced product in the world. The fastest growing pump market segment is “peristaltic” pumps. Peristaltic pumps use rollers to squeeze a substance through a flexible tube. Numerous uses for peristaltic pumps range from medical to industrial.

The majority of peristaltic pump manufacturers use rollers that are fixed that squeeze a tube with no compensating feature and overdesign the pressure exerted on the tube to assure consistent performance.

The inventor has succeeded in designing a pump with rollers that self-regulate to the limit of proper pressure against the tube and no more. The invention enables longer life of the tube, the critical and wearing component in peristaltic pumps especially in medical applications.

Perhaps ...

Artificial intelligence is poised to become the most disruptive technology in health care. Not only will AI change the way screening is done, it will also significantly improve the diagnostic accuracy. AI has the capacity to correlate to previously unimagined levels providing the earliest possible detection of pathogens or other health related ailments.

Imagining, pattern recognition and cross matching is the wheelhouse for AI systems, machine neural networks exceed at these functions.

With an AI personal assistant, regular body scans can find the most subtle changes in the epidermis. They can also be networked in such a way where they can both add to the AI knowledge base while also ensuring privacy. Images can be instantly networked to your personal ...

Wide-spectrum human pheromone for behavioral illnesses

Criminal behavior (& the following) can be turned off & on by a chemical signal—a human pheromone. There are no side effects or withdrawal symptoms. The following illnesses responded well to the same pheromone in anecdotal open trials:

Borderline Personality Disorder (n=4) If headaches/photophobia are present, they persist but may diminish with time.

Runaway Behavior (n=3) Ambition returns, grades improve dramatically, innocent behavior replaces adult lover.

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (n=21) note: Egyptian trial (double-blind, cross-over, placebo-controlled, in pediatric hospital setting) alleviated all symptoms, but raw pheromone failed in that the cooperation of attending physician and his staff was lost without explanation. This suggested an aversive pheromone component or component set among the ...

Pre-Donation chair

The problem :
Lack of accuracy in screening before blood donation.
Long waiting time when you go to the Blood Donation Center.
Lack of personnel working in the field of examination before blood donation.

The expected results:
Increase accuracy in testing before blood donation.
Reduce the time to wait when you go to the Blood Donation Center.
Facilitate the process of donating blood and reducing human resources in need.
A light device can drive in mobile blood donation campaigns outside the center

About the project:
This project is a comfortable chair with a blood donor connected to a tablet that gives instructions (written and sound) to the donor and identifies the language of the deal. The donor ...

PAL is a wearable technology company that empowers the Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) community with early notifications and mitigation of meltdowns. This is performed through our fibit like sensor embedded UnderArmour type compression shirt (smart apparel) with associated mobile application to preemptively track, detect, and notify caregivers as well as individuals with ASD of ...

A better understanding of the mind of the person should produce a healthier person through messages, and better medical experiences when the person comes to the health system. We present a system which reveals what aspects of the continuum of health/wellness are important, which are not (Fig1.) We show the possibility that across many of these experiences people differ, falling into different mind-sets, unique for each experience. Knowing SPECIFICALLY what is important to each mindset for each experience allows a better perhaps optimum experience for the patient. Identifying the mind-set of a patient for each experience enables personalization of medical treatment, with the potential for better outcomes in health, and better bottom lines commercially. Data from a 2-year ...

We present a device that can provide safe, low cost cooling and heating without electricity, which can preserve food and medicine in remote environments, potentially saving the lives of up to 1.5 million children who die each year of vaccine-preventable diseases. It could also provide backpackers electricity-free heating.

The device is essentially a heat pump, transitioning from ambient temperature to warm or cold in a matter of minutes. It can keep vaccines cold by absorbing heat from an insulated container during its cooling phase, and releasing that heat outside during its heating phase.

How it Works

The device operates using two chambers separated by a semipermeable membrane, containing exothermic Calcium Chloride (CaCl2) on one side, and endothermic Sodium Nitrate (NaNO3) on the ...

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