This oral biopsy brush is a patent pending technology designed to be used in the oral mucosa to take samples from all over oral epithelium. Thanks to broom form of the main design of the brush, it provides that brush bristles fully contact with the oral epithelium.

Needs Statement: A safe method of reducing hospitalizations for at-risk patients with heart failure in the outpatient setting. The device is a Biphasic furosemide transdermal patch, with coated microneedles. Microneedles are coated in a bolus dose of furosemide (in blue) for immediate release,

CareWear is focused on the development and sale of innovative medical devices for wearable light therapy for professional and consumer markets globally. These novel products use patented,

-they never fall-

CENTIPEDE is a different approach to fall prevention. Older people know that one day they will slip and fall. Most live in fear of this, because they have seen the results of their friends falling. Tragically,

Medical mistakes are the third leading cause of patient deaths in the United States of America; numbering approximately 450,000 deaths in 2016 at a cost of $1.44T or 45% of the total annual cost of healthcare. The root cause of medical mistakes is cognitive overload;

Culture patch with monolayer nano-filers on a frame in-vivo like extracellular matrix made of monolayer nanofibers is suited for cell culture and tissue formation. It allows minimizing the exogenous contact and maximizing the uptake rate cells, while the micro-frame and the patch form allow easy handling,

Millions of ECG holter examinations are performed every day to filter Cardio-Vascular Diseases. Holters are attached to the patients' chests during a minimum 24 hours period. The results of a medical examination depends not only on accurate measure but also on ordinary user behavior.

Healing of wounds for diabetics could be one of the most difficult challenges that diabetes causes. This project aims to help diabetics to heal their wounds using 100% natural herb with low cost.

A portable steamer that can turn water to steam in a split second and further help improve coughing and phlegmatic retention problems of lungs.

With the worsening of air pollution, our lungs generate sputum to isolate particles from invading as a self-protection when polluted air is inhaled.

I want to create a dream world…I want to make every person and race in the whole wide world equal and united by making all human equally good looking and equally intelligent. For realizing that dream, I have invented a new Electromagnetic Cosmetic Therapy and a gene manipulation technology.

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