This is a device for use by people of advanced age, and patients who are being rehabilitated, who lose (or are liable to lose) their balance while standing up or walking.

Treatment of skin malignancies that are resistant to medication, such as super bug or skin cancer, via direct current voltage surrounding the malignancy and center electrode on surface of malignancy, elevating the temperature as the current travels through the root structure to the center electrode.

It is too hard to diagnose a patient who just arrived at a hospital. While diagnostic tests are carried by different people, at times the situation becomes life critical. And, most of the time the big picture about the patient is not clear to the doctors.

There are few hospital meals that provide a special set in response to the patients’ symptoms. Smart Dietitian provides an exclusive diet caring system for inpatients, including smart dining plate and APP AI. Inpatients can easily know what kind of nutrition is needed through the APP,

Of the more than 750,000 U.S. surgical patients annually, approximately 20% experience complicated seromas requiring painful and costly interventions such as aspirations, which add more than a $1 billion burden to the U.S. healthcare system.

The current standard of post-surgical care is manually operated closed-suction systems,

Stroke survivors might suffer from different symptoms such as aphasia that is loss of ability to understand or express speech, and dysphagia that is difficulty or discomfort in swallowing. Proper therapies can alleviate these symptoms.

Worldwide, an estimated 18 million people die annually due to lack of or inadequate safe surgical care. Yet in austere settings,

How it works: The Simbodie PRO is an operable, artificial ‘patient’ that provides medical educators with a high fidelity, adaptable, safe, tether-less full-body manikin that can deliver surgical training opportunities in austere emergency training environments. The Simbodie PRO can be cut open,

We have invented a non-invasive sensor capable of identifying the unique gait signatures of cannabis and alcohol impaired subjects as well as those of Parkinson's disease, multiple sclerosis, traumatic brain injuries, Alzheimer's syndrome and related conditions. Moreover, by employing proprietary sensor data processing algorithms,

virtual healing, virtual psychologist, virtual filling with energy, virtual religion.

A device that can change people for the better. Every person on the planet Earth has a choice, which way to go, but not everyone knows about it, they live in their little world.

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