In this study an attempt has been made to understand the effect of Various Piston Profiles on the performance and emission characteristics in a combustion engine, providing an opportunity to reduce noise pollution, emission of harmful particulates, smoke, increasing the mileage & performance.

A robotic hand is basically sensors with high degrees of repeatability, precision, and reliability and thus sensors play an important role in a robotic hand. Flex sensor and accelerometer are such devices, which accomplish the above task with a great degree of accuracy.

Thanks to a bio-mimetic design idea, promoting a novel self-assisting/self-advancing feature, penetrating into soft and hard formations is foreseen to be performed with more reliability, less energy consumption, less maintenance, less required component and weight for the drill and hopefully less structural integrity concerns.

FEM-12 an Aqueous High Temperature Fire Fighting Agent (AHTFFA) that can extinguish composite materials, metal fires with temperatures that reach 2,000 F to 8,000 F degrees, rubber tires, and wheel rim fires. The environmentally safe agent rapidly extinguishes the fire,

The JNX-1000 is an air bearing fast axis capable of 20g acceleration and 1000 micrometers of travel at a frequency of 100Hz and is specifically designed to cut non-rotationally symmetric surfaces. Very fast ultra-precision eddy current sensors are used for position feedback.

3D printing (additive manufacturing) is enabling dramatic changes around the world today and is affecting almost every industry in one form or another. From design to prototyping and manufacturing to quality control, 3D printing is creating a paradigm shift by disrupting traditional manufacturing as we know it.

Inspection of tunnels or canals that are underground and in places of difficult access (e.g. mountains) can be very difficult and dangerous for humans. In the future, these operations have the potential to be performed by autonomous unmanned vehicles that can access much harsher locations and conditions. However,

Briquettes are a densified form of agricultural remains that have a certain calorific value and thermal usefulness once they have been compacted. Briquettes are slowly becoming popular as sources of fuel for boilers in semi-rural India. Not only for boilers,

Many modern technological processes require clean high vacuum environments. Diffusion pumps (coupled with mechanical pumps) can achieve high vacuum pressures (3×10-8 mbar) and are relatively inexpensive and easy to maintain.

This technical solution is a magnetic suspension device consisting of an inner ring and two outer rings adjacent to each other and enclosed in a single body.

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