This technical solution is a magnetic suspension device consisting of an inner ring and two outer rings adjacent to each other and enclosed in a single body. In the inner ring there are permanent magnet inserts placed on both of its sides and located towards the permanent magnet inserts of the two outer rings with analogous poles. (Figure 1).

The second version of the magnetic suspension is a magnetic suspension device consisting of an inner ring and two outer rings that are interconnected by an insert made of a steel plate. The permanent magnet inserts of the inner ring are located towards the permanent magnet inserts of the two outer elements with the analogous poles (Figure 2).

To prevent ...

The innovation is a device used to extract plant active ingredient in one step, by combining the features of 4 devices that are used in plant extraction in addition to other options.

1. cutter mill (used for size reduction of plant and milling it)
2. percolator (used for percolate and of plant with solvent)
3. high shear mixer (used for mixing plant with solvent for extraction & to increase speed of extraction)
To facilities extraction use.
4. basket centrifuge (used for high speed filtration by centrifugation)

We managed to design a new device that contains a mixed feature of all these processes gathered In one device that is used for cutting, percolation, dispersing, mixing of plant in solvent for ...

Origami Steel is a patented, transformational, highly cost efficient structural steel fabrication technology that replaces hot rolled structural steel commodity products and profiles with hot rolled steel coil or plate that can be formed into virtually any shape.

Origami Steel has developed, tested, and holds patent protection for a proprietary manufacturing process capable of producing steel products that are stronger, lighter, and less expensive than their conventional counterparts. This process represents the first major technology breakthrough in steel fabrication in more than 100 years.

Origami Steel plants produce structural steel elements with greater design flexibility, at lower cost, and in less time than currently existing U.S. fabrication plants that use imported or domestically produced hot rolled steel coil or ...

Applied Robotics has developed a new family of Palletizing Grippers. The following are some of the benefits of the new design;

• High Energy Density (Payload to Gripper Weight Ratio) – 1:1 Payload to Gripper weight ratio allows users to avoid using large robots to palletize lightweight bags or boxes. The weight to payload ratio is the less than any other of its kind on the market. The ARI Palletizing Gripper can handle any payload that is necessary to manage.
• Versatility – Gripper width easily adjusts and locks with Patent Pending Self-Locking Rotary Handwheel.
o Width adjusts in seconds with no tools required and can be modified for use without requiring any custom tools.
o Self-Locking feature never loosens or fails.
o The ...

PV Robotics(tm) is a market disrupting innovation to Massively Accelerate deployment of Renewable Energy. We stand at the Great Inflection Point in history when our power shifts to PV & Wind, our cars switch to EV's, and we solve climate change. PV Robotics will help make this essential Climate Action happen!

Already the fastest growing source of electric power, PV must grow even faster to serve the exponentially growing EV market. "Installation Costs" for Commercial and Utility-scale portions of the PV market have fallen much slower than the cost of the H/W. Installation Costs now represent over 13% of the utility PV market, with total PV soft costs over 40%. The Net Zero Energy Buildings market is also unable ...

With the main objective improving electromagnetic compatibility, twisted wires are widely used for telephones and Ethernet systems as when wires are twisted the electromagnetic radiation and cross talk between neighbor pairs is reduced, the rejection of external electromagnetic interference is improved and the electrical noise can be prevented.

The biggest disadvantages of these cables is that the interference is depending on the pair scheme and must be intact during installation, and they have stringent requirement that do not allow big variations. When trying to install multiple pairs, connections between them are needed and due to that the twisted effect is sometimes destroyed by the connection system used.

In order to eliminate those constraints we developed the quick connector that ...


A new Numerical Method (US patent application no. 15/797649; US application publication no. US 2018-004151 A1) first of its kind in about 200-years is propounded by the following 5-statements:

A. Organize linear or nonlinear equations as mismatch functions equated to zero.
B. In each of the mismatch functions, club any term with known quantities or value into a diagonal term with simple algebraic manipulations.
C. Express a vector of the mismatch functions as a product of a coefficient matrix and a vector of unknown variables, which can sometimes be treated as a correction vector of unknown variables.
D. Equate the vector of mismatch functions to the product of the coefficient matrix and the vector of unknown variables or ...


What RollnCoat does
Air conditioning and heating dominate building energy consumption, some 30% and that must be cut. Thermal control coating on building glazing helps. Glass plates with direct-deployed coating are available for new buildings, but old buildings are the real problem. Films with coating that can be adhered to old building windows are true answer. High-performance films definitely are necessary, and designs of good films are available. Technologies for making them also exist. One good design has a simple construction of interleaving thin metal oxide and metal layers. This film type dominates the high-performance market, which is owned by a handful of big brand names. Price of their films are, practically, painfully expensive for many.

RollnCoat is ...

Accidents like the Concorde need not happen. What was seen to be foreign object debris on the runway was ingested into the engine. In this case a tire but in other cases birds, bolts, debris, chunks, tumbleweed, whatever. Proposal is for a fully automated wartime or peacetime machine to sweep and magnetically pick up all items on runways. Take the tedium out and have a regularly scheduled sweep to keep area preventive maintained. Buried wires, RC, or GPS or other internal guidance might propell the vacuum and magnets or sticky rubber wheel. It could also prep and reset dirt or sand or grass beaches, fields, and ball fields to prevent liabilty, waste, or ...

Smart gardening and farming using sustainable, cost-effective and reusable techniques require smart planning and implementation of resources and focus on effective utilization, extensibility and adaptability of agricultural inputs. The steps involved include:

1. Nearness of farming/gardening location with kitchen and water supply unit. Manure and waste management from kitchen and water supply unit could be effectively utilized at the garden/farms. Home made manure along with dried leaves and leftovers of vegetables and fruits enables growth of existing plants and sowing of newer plants without
buying seeds.

2. Waste water management enables saving water resources and timely irrigation of farms/gardens.

3. Soil preparation and timely sowing of seeds during break time at the kitchen and cleaning time intervals.

4. Reference ...

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