The innovation is a device used to extract plant active ingredient in one step, by combining the features of 4 devices that are used in plant extraction in addition to other options.

Origami Steel is a patented, transformational, highly cost efficient structural steel fabrication technology that replaces hot rolled structural steel commodity products and profiles with hot rolled steel coil or plate that can be formed into virtually any shape.

Origami Steel has developed, tested,

Applied Robotics has developed a new family of Palletizing Grippers. The following are some of the benefits of the new design;

•High Energy Density (Payload to Gripper Weight Ratio) – 1:1 Payload to Gripper weight ratio allows users to avoid using large robots to palletize lightweight bags or boxes.

PV Robotics(tm) is a market disrupting innovation to Massively Accelerate deployment of Renewable Energy. We stand at the Great Inflection Point in history when our power shifts to PV & Wind, our cars switch to EV's, and we solve climate change.

With the main objective improving electromagnetic compatibility, twisted wires are widely used for telephones and Ethernet systems as when wires are twisted the electromagnetic radiation and cross talk between neighbor pairs is reduced, the rejection of external electromagnetic interference is improved and the electrical noise can be prevented.


A new Numerical Method (US patent application no. 15/797649; US application publication no. US 2018-004151 A1) first of its kind in about 200-years is propounded by the following 5-statements:

A. Organize linear or nonlinear equations as mismatch functions equated to zero.


What RollnCoat does
Air conditioning and heating dominate building energy consumption, some 30% and that must be cut. Thermal control coating on building glazing helps. Glass plates with direct-deployed coating are available for new buildings, but old buildings are the real problem.

Accidents like the Concorde need not happen. What was seen to be foreign object debris on the runway was ingested into the engine. In this case a tire but in other cases birds, bolts, debris, chunks, tumbleweed, whatever.

Smart gardening and farming using sustainable, cost-effective and reusable techniques require smart planning and implementation of resources and focus on effective utilization, extensibility and adaptability of agricultural inputs. The steps involved include:

1. Nearness of farming/gardening location with kitchen and water supply unit.

Solar Robo Warbler is a Solar Flapping Wing Air Vehicle (SFWAV). Like most ornithopters (robot birds), this vehicle relies on compliant wing structures that deform the wings while flapping to generate the necessary forces for aerodynamic flight.

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