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The lightweight modular defensive wall (LMDW) is a mechanism for the protection of personnel, buildings and equipment at designated locations.

A defensive wall concept has been schemed that has a thickness of 400mm.

Enters Mars orbit via MAREO II Orbiter (FIGURE THREE; Holmin CTF 2017, 2018). Cone stack launches piggyback atop twin external tanks, six cryo engines, four SRBs. Comprises 33'D base block; aeroshell; stabilizers; aft-canted main engines; adapter ring jettisoning for orbital rendezvous docking; aerobraking bracing strut; revolving wheel habitat;

MoonTrap system saves up to 95% on transportation costs when delivering raw materials to space for 3D printers, as well as rocket fuel. Currently, the delivery of raw materials for 3D space printers costs as much as the delivery of finished products.

Manned aircraft are quite heavy and cumbersome in some areas of aviation use. For example, aerial photography in cartography or forestry, spraying fertilizers or pesticides on medium-sized crop fields. And in these cases, unmanned aerial vehicles are a rational solution.

Drones give more secure, faster,

The main problem of space exploration are the costs due to an obsolete technology after sixty years we are still with liquid thrusters,

False alarms are a common problem with invisible laser based sensors.

In border areas it just creates panic to identification whether it is a human being, an object, dust, an animal or some vehicle moving across the border.

This space-transportation-system proposal is a reusable, optionally-manned, modular spaceplane to transport payloads and/or personnel into low-earth orbit. The emphasis is to reduce the number of maintenance man-hours vs. flight-hours to drastically reduce 'turn-around' time, making the vehicle commercially viable.

NiobiCon™ is a self-insulating underwater connector technology invented by engineers at Northrop Grumman Corporation (NGC). The technology is novel in that it uses transition metals such as niobium, element number 41 on the periodic table, as electrical contacts that will not short out, corrode,

Non-Inertial Onboard Navigation was designed to replace currently deployed combinations of IMU and GPS in the Space-speed Applications.

on Sagnac effect of propagation of light in the body under rotation,

Relevance and novelty: for the first time ever, rocket and space equipment production and extraterrestrial macro engineering will be moved off of the Earth. This is like sending the first man into Space.

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