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The specialized aircraft engine software development for the aerospace industry is high demand. With the information that I knew, the common purposes for developing computational model include proof of engine cycle concept, testing of operability,

Wings in Figure are in tandem configuration to have the capability of heavy payload applications due to efficient lift generation. Blended body fuselage and End plates are
configured with tandem wing,

What is HyALTA® - A hybrid lighter-than-air (LTA) and flying wing air vehicle that allows a single vehicle to provide the simplicity, vertical heavy lift, and extended efficient station keeping capabilities of an LTA with the high glide ratio (>40:1) and velocity (up to 200 kts.

The Rotodyne principle has a niche market in future intercity travel in thawt the concept proposed will have a cruising speed close to regional propjets,

It has a charged track inside it, charged with lithium-ion batteries fitted in gun.

Bullet is made up of aluminium and small button batteries are fitted and connected to body of bullet. Capacitors are used to create high voltage and high current fitted in gun charged with batteries..

Now-a-days most of the mid-range & long-range aircraft have two high bypass fan turbine engines. About 70-75% of total thrust is produced by bypass fan & rest is produced by the expanding exhaust gas from turbine engine.

The IFR student training aid will provide an instrument flying training aid for the instruction of student pilots.

When in use it obscures the view outside of the cockpit while allowing the student to still see the interior and all of the aircraft flight instruments and controls.

Reduction of drag and boosting of lift to drag ratio is of paramount importance to maximize flight efficiency. Body shape has a major role in producing drag.

A Levitated Annular Rotor System (LARS) is proposed to power and propel ultra-heavy vertical lift air vehicles in commercial and military markets. LARS is an invention derived from a conceptual redesign of the helicopter made possible by advancements in electromagnetic motor and energy storage/transport technology.


LIFT-VECTORING is a comprehensive system that utilizes thrust, to move an aircraft, to create lift, and act as a complete flight control system without moving surfaces.


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