This invention is designed to automatically play the traditional piano and play the music itself. This is done by electronic relays that move the piano, the keyboard, using electrical impulses. When the electronic relay is energized and the same key is pressed, this key illuminates.

Why "smart traffic light"? This is because the operation of existing traffic lights requires electricity, a separate control panel and a lot of technical equipment. You also need a permit to install regular traffic lights.

Due to these problems,

The principal innovative aspect of this design is that even though the bearing is full complement and cageless, there is no sliding contact between consecutive or touching/neighbouring spherical rolling elements inside of it.

Nor are the spherical rolling elements inside of the bearing being kept apart by a single,

The main innovative aspect of this bearing design, where it departs from current art, is in that any two consecutive load bearing rollers in the bearing are kept from touching and rubbing against each other by an intermediary,

Neurodegenerative dementia is a disease that progressively deteriorates brain functionality. One of the most common symptoms of dementia is memory loss. In addition, patients usually lose the ability to solve problems or control their emotions and present changes in personality and normal behavior.

Design for a radial bearing where the load the bearing supports is actually suspended from its components rather than supported by them. As such,

Government mandates regarding COVID-19 abatement strategies are forcing companies to scramble to find ways to avoid fines and even worse local outbreaks. In this new age, documentation and data is going to separate companies who survive and those who struggle.

It has always been so. Massive portions of bread are baked - loaves, and then they are cut into pieces to eat them.

Machine learning and PID controller allow us to control an autonomous car to drive around an object.

How does it work?

The Mosquito Eradicating Robot aims at eradication of deadly diseases like Malaria, Dengue and viruses like Zika virus by capturing and eradicating the agents of these diseases. The agents of these diseases and viruses are Mosquitoes.

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