This innovative bed is fully equipped with all the necessary equipment required for the cure of any any person facing mild to mid level Coronavirus.

Can you bear your near and dear one suffering from some illness which has progressed to irreversible stage but could have been cured if it was detected earlier?

Nobody can and nobody wishes so.

Unfortunately this is something that is happening to more than 12 million families annually worldwide.

Only 1 in 10 people in need has access to prosthetic and orthotic devices, due to their extremely high cost and the lack of access to skilled physicians. The result? Millions of people are denied the basic quality of life because they can’t walk, take care of themselves,

AirWay II is a unique reusable (unlike tape strips) propietary nasal passage dilator that MAY ease sleep apnea (please see comments below), nasal congestion, athletics, dental work, deviated septum, nasal injuries or medical applications (cannula). Please fully insert past Alar Cartilege "edge rib"

A record of successful treatments for illnesses as reference for medical professionals and the public, in general, this universal document is accessible by the public at no cost with information uploaded by physicians and or patients themselves describing their symptoms and the successful treatment for the condition.

Global agricultural repository is an ongoing project geared towards the eradication of food shortage and technological assistance to the farming communities world wide.

This project addresses the growing needs of farmers. Various regions of the world have specialized needs and specific resources.

Fractal ECG is a new innovative technique developed by the Inventors to first quantity and measure the characteristic of ECG wares according to Fractal dimension. Thus for the first time just as how we know the normal BP as 120/80 of normal sugar level as a range of value.

Hospito is an application which helps people to find a suitable hospital in their city or state.
It's a prototype so it only contains two districts of Haryana, namely Gurugram and Faridabad.
It will help people in this pandemic. It shows the location, emergency no. , enquiry no., pics,

This device was developed to reduce complications and deaths during intubation and enable medical providers around the world to afford the best technology.

The COVID-19 Crisis
Most efforts to come out of the COVID-19 crisis are related to vaccine or easing the symptoms. While these directions are actively pursued, many businesses are going down.

However, there is an alternative that can rid the world of the virus,

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