Can you bear your near and dear one suffering from some illness which has progressed to irreversible stage but could have been cured if it was detected earlier?

Nobody can and nobody wishes so.

Unfortunately this is something that is happening to more than 12 million families annually worldwide.

In the fight against cardiovascular (CV) diseases, scientists focus on the identification of individuals at a higher risk of developing CV events within 10 years, in order to concentrate preventive efforts on these subjects.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) is a common neuropathy that produces numbness, tingling and pain in the hand and arm. Large pressures on the median nerve, generally arising from repetitive and extended hand movements for prolonged periods of time, are often credited as the main causes of the condition.

The Opioid crisis is a major epidemic. Social and economic well-being have flatlined as opioid abuse and overdoses devastate communities and overwhelm public health infrastructure. According to the CDC, almost 136 people die every day in the USA due to an opioid overdose. Starting in the 1990s USA,

Fractal ECG is a new innovative technique developed by the Inventors to first quantity and measure the characteristic of ECG wares according to Fractal dimension. Thus for the first time just as how we know the normal BP as 120/80 of normal sugar level as a range of value.

Global agricultural repository is an ongoing project geared towards the eradication of food shortage and technological assistance to the farming communities world wide.

This project addresses the growing needs of farmers. Various regions of the world have specialized needs and specific resources.

One hour can change a lifetime!

Cardiac arrests are becoming increasing every day and people die by the time they reach proper medical assistance. One of the common causes of death is not able to have access to medical support on time.

The history of the speculum dates back to the 1840’s when” the godfather of gynecology,” Marion Sims, performed dozens of surgeries, without anesthesia, on enslaved women using a spoon he bent backwards.

As a gynecologist for the past 15 years,

The perception of our immediate physical environment plays a key role in the human experience. Awareness of our surroundings can be considered a primary survival sense second only to hearing and sight and, in many ways, opens a doorway to be human.

How my entry works, what makes it novel, how it would be produced, and where it would be applied.

The problem with homelessness in Canada is that we provide the same resources to all homeless people.

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