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The fuelless generator just as the name implies is a power generating system that doesn’t require any kind of fuel for its operation. The fuelless generator technology has been in existence for some time now but there hasn’t been known large scale application of this technology. However,

CryoRAC is a proposed design for an innovative air conditioning system that works on radiative cooling utilizing cryogenic liquids. The radiation mode of heat transfer is an easier method of cooling compared to convection mode as in the traditional air conditioner. Radiative cooling provides preferential cooling for hotter objects.

Extending broadband internet services, especially to rural areas, is growing in demand.

One approach to addressing this demand is to extend cellular networks by erecting new cell towers in rural areas.

Yet towers, wind turbine towers, are being erected, at ever increasing rates,

Many Atlantic hurricanes start to take shape when thunderstorms along the west coast of Africa drift out over warm ocean waters that are at least 80 degrees Fahrenheit (27 degrees Celsius), where they encounter converging winds from around the equator.


To track Sargassum’s ocean path the Optical Oceanography Laboratory is currently using the Sargassum Watch System (SaWS) which is designed to use satellite data and numerical models to detect and track pelagic Sargassum in near-real time. The raw satellite data are provided by the U.S.

Monitoring of waste is one of the problems of the present era as the traditional way of manually monitoring the waste is a cumbersome process. The process utilizes much human effort,

Is an agricultural harvest aid, meant to eliminate or drastically reduce loss of product. Also ease collection and transport of product.

Basically an easily deployed harvesting/net system, with standard orchard/farm equipment that will be assembled and temporarily attached to and below the fruit/nut bearing limbs of the tree(s).

The counter tillage machines are rotating in the counter rotation to the tractor wheels.

The cutting shanks are mounted on the rotating shaft in different angles and they cut very small depth in the soil.

Keltric high voltage power supply system is a special high voltage power system that boosts the efficiency of electrostatic motors to almost 99% efficiency using a special configuration of electronic components.

Currently electrostatic motors are said to be inefficient 5 -10% because of the way they've been powered today.

Robotic electric powered system for operating electric powered farm machines along it, while moving from row to row perpendicular to its length on electric powered wheels. The machines are collecting the electric energy from over hanging cables along the system.

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