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White fabric cloths/linen get dull or slightly yellow after regular use. Normally we add blue dye (a-nil) in water after washing the white cloth and soak them in blue water for some time before drying.

The VAYU is a prototype under development to meet the needs of electricity consumption by our society in the future. The renewable energy namely rain, solar and wind. Not only does it use renewable energy but also simple resources which are easily accessible and available globally,

On wind turbines VForce® patented blade morphing technology can generate an estimated 8-20% additional electricity generation (Lindenberg et al. 2008) by operating in low wind situations.

The technology is suitable for tapered blades and is of light weight construction.

This entry presents a novel technology that successfully, and inexpensively, converts bio-renewables into 93% to 100% bio based, high performance, long lasting lubricants. Oil feedstocks such as soy oil,

The industrial revolution brought about an explosion in exploring science and technology. It led to the improvement of the lives of millions, made travel time significantly shorter, and interconnected people on a global scale. As technology improved and its production increased, the world became a better place,

Perovskite photovoltaic technologies have opened new horizons for low-cost solar cells. To leverage laboratory-scale cells to modules, challenges in creating scalable fabrications, improving the high device yield, and extending the operational lifetimes need to be carefully addressed. Here,

VS infiltrator is an innovative component/module which may be used to increase the infiltration capacity of soil in areas where the infiltration capacity of soil is low or low permeability of the soil. This infiltrator may be made from steel, recycled PVC,

The objective of the present disclosure generally relates to the field of drainage management. More specifically, the present disclosure is related to a permeable drainage system for increasing the groundwater level in aquifers, reducing environmental pollution, and re-establishing the natural hydrological balance.

Self-Winding Generator™
Patent No. US 7,127,886 B2

An energy storage spring, similar in nature to a self-winding watch's mainspring and fabricated from spring steel, stores the rotational energy captured and transferred from the facility's turbines.

Buoyant Rotor™
Patent No. US 7,348,686 B2

Buoyancy belts™ and their respective reservoirs offset some of the effects of gravity, while simultaneously reducing the vibration associated with the rotors found in electric generators and turbines. The use of special coatings, such as those used on ocean-going vessels,

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