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The EMED ElectroMagnetic Electricity Device is a simple device that produces more energy that you put in, based in factual laws of physics this machine can produce enough energy for it to work by itself.

The transition to a sustainable energy supply requires efficient, cost-effective and environmentally friendly storage technologies. Water electrolysis and the associated power-to-gas technology for regenerative hydrocarbon generation principally meet these requirements, but have conversion efficiencies that are poor compared to batteries.

We are all worried that we are putting too much CO2 into the air and warming the planet. Unfortunately almost all of our waste handling systems concentrate on rotting, burning, and fragmenting a lot of hydrocarbon based products, which will put even more CO2 into the air.

We need to redeploy the human workforce for sustainability.


The present study is based on the growing need to seek alternative water supply sources, taking into account the increase in consumption and the scarcity of drinking water that affects several regions of the world. For this purpose,

The POD MOD is already a reality.

It's design has already received US Patent 5,146,395 / Sept. 8th 1992 / A POWER SUPPLY INCLUDING TWO TANK CIRCUITS. The power unit was developed from the writings, works, and researches of Nicola Tesla;


Direct conversion of thermal energy to electric energy remains one of the most promising, yet challenging, methods of power production.

Direct thermal to electric energy conversion has potential to replace internal combustion engines and turbines in nearly all electrical applications,

The first graphic shows storm wave energy up to 7 kw per meter of wavefront for Lake Erie. These storm waves cause millions of dollars of damage along the shorelines and climate change is making them more violent every year.

The fuelless generator just as the name implies is a power generating system that doesn’t require any kind of fuel for its operation. The fuelless generator technology has been in existence for some time now but there hasn’t been known large scale application of this technology. However,

CryoRAC is a proposed design for an innovative air conditioning system that works on radiative cooling utilizing cryogenic liquids. The radiation mode of heat transfer is an easier method of cooling compared to convection mode as in the traditional air conditioner. Radiative cooling provides preferential cooling for hotter objects.

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