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The proposal's primary focus is to develop a user-friendly environment through the app (or) website for safe and secure voting. Although so many inventions are being developed in this area, still there is a lag in security. Our proposal will rectify the issue of safety and security,

Triboelectric nanogenerators (TENGs) are widely applied to the self-powered devices and force sensors. TENGs consists of the electrode-layer frequently made of high-cost conductors (Ag, Au, ITO) and the tribo-layer of rigid negative-triboelectricity fluoropolymers (PTFE, FEP). The surface morpholoy is studied for enhancing performance.


The forest waste like waste leaves and dry grass are available in large volumes. Fuel pellets can be produced from forest waste which can be used as domestic fuel. Other domestic products can be produced from forest waste. It can also be helpful in conserving energy,

In the current scenario of forest distraction, forest fire, pollution, etc. due to decreasing in numbers of trees, most of the trees used in paper making industries and furniture industries.

Solution is that we have to move to paperless education which save our trees.

Title suggests cities before Corona (BC) and after Corona (AC). This virus spread all over the world and every country is affected. But corona taught us something and we needs to change our lifestyle in totality.

Even if the environmental and ethical impact of animal husbandry is globally known; even if plant-based diets are becoming increasingly popular; even if alternative sources to animal proteins are increasingly within everyone's reach; meat represents and will represent always one of the bases of our diet.

A fire containment system to provide a fire wall barrier to a fire proceeding across a ground, said system comprising: two or more towers anchored in series in the ground,

This is a proposal to use a water wheel floating on a river to generate clean electrical energy. Unlike solar and wind generators, rivers flow 24 hours a day.

A water wheel can be scaled up or down. The surface speed of rivers varies between about 3-8 MPH.

The Hydrogen Economy is most often refereed to in conjunction with hydrogen powered automobiles, whose hydrogen is, ironically, most often produced from hydrocarbons. The barriers to this scheme are enormous. What is outlined here, in contrast,

Electricity is considered non-renewable energy due to its production by means of coal plants and thermal plants.Therefore, it has to be sustained by humans. But I have a conceptual idea for producing electricity through means of converting wave form of energy to electric energy.

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