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Hydropower is one of the most important renewable resources for energy. There are, however, drawbacks. Firstly, there is an ethical problem. Fish are hindered to migrate upstream and are stressed, wounded or killed migrating downstream. All over the world plans are made to mitigate this, e.g.

Alchemist784™ Ltd., an international R&D business, and their ThermalCUBE™ Energy Division, a member owned cooperative (ESOP,

A typical electric bike ranging 60KM per full charge will take more than 3 hours to charge and limited availability of public space makes it difficult to install charging stations. In this model, a powertrain is proposed for an electric bike which has its own power generation system.

The Land Aquatic Park environs is to utilize flora found locally to render contaminants neutral and less harmful state as a biological machine.

The United States is not ready for the effects of climate change and the future demand for power.

It’s abundantly clear that the power grid in the United States is not ready for the effects of climate change, including the extreme weather events that come with it. After all,

in this contemporary era, now nearly 18% of electricity is generated by NPP. This distribution is probably similar for continental Europe and Russia, though UK nuclear power plants use only once-through cooling by seawater, as do all Swedish, Finnish, Canadian (Great Lakes water), South African, Japanese,

A CAWT (Figures 1 & 2) incorporates an innovative wind turbine rotor with a maximum power coefficient (Cp) of 0.88. This value is based on 3D computational fluid dynamics (CFD) studies confirmed by an independent CFD-simulation services company. This exceptional aerodynamic performance is achieved by using closely-spaced,

We are solving the plastic waste problem from the inside out! If you haven’t noticed, there are literally mountains of plastic waste building up in landfills, a Texas sized island of it in the ocean, and microplastics are being found everywhere.

Global climate change is one of the world's biggest challenges. Rising atmospheric temperatures and increasing ocean levels are largely attributed to greenhouse gas emissions.

Coal is the single largest contributor to anthropogenic climate change. The burning of coal emits 46% of carbon dioxide emissions globally,

This device captures ALL power sources: Solar, fuel, wind, water motion, etc. adapting humanity to ANY energy.

Many MANY pistons in a closed-system provide the TIME to heat and cool the pistons for power generation from heat. Converting to non-heat power sources (wind &

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