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The reactionless drive is supposed to be impossible. Until now it has been science fiction. While NASA has tried to measure thrust using their version of an electromagnetic engine even their device requires intricate measuring devices to reach conclusions as to whether it functions. Our reactionless drive is different.

PTSD in veterans is sometimes triggered by an event that brings back an embedded memory caused by fear from explosions and stress in combat.

The malady is worldwide and relief from the terror often involves costly psychiatry sessions and medications funded by government programs for thousands of individuals.

According to quantum theory, the vacuum is filled with quantum fluctuations. The use of a microwave cavity with an externally applied magnetic field allows the interior of the device to be insulated against quantum fluctuations. Due to the cavity geometry,

Using a new FAST LiDAR system with no moving parts, the first of its kind, very fast moving debris can be tracked, identified by material composition, and eventually mitigated by robotics systems employing magnetics and forceps. The complete system will integrate with current technology available in use.

This innovation crosses all categories from medical to automotive, aerospace/defense to consumer items and, most surely, the IoT.

The fiber optic connector is ever-ubiquitous from medical robotics to all levels of aviation to the Internet connection on which this submission was downloaded.

A compact vehicle door protector and Bullet-proof Auto Shield that protects any type of vehicle such as but not limited to a car, truck, sports utility vehicle, van, aircraft, which is easy and quick to install, and removable from vehicle,

• failure to locate faults/ problems/ errors etc instantly
• defense during war/ security protection surrounding area:
[proximity sensors: detecting objects/ people getting closer to you {alerting}]
• failure by auto cameras to shoot/ auto fly & scan to capture/record videos, photos,

The Idea I am submitting is a very crude but a starting Idea for a manned space vehicle.

This vehicle is a single man unit that can be used instead of the space suit. It will use gyro scopes for attitude adjustment, role, pitch and yaw.

This invention provides vertical lift flight at a much lower power requirement than existing rotorcraft. Existing rotorcraft generate lift by accelerating airflow through the rotor disk. The change in air speed imparts a lifting force on the aircraft through conservation of momentum.

The “I JET” is a fully electric private plane that recharges itself using ion collectors to harvest electric energy from the ionosphere. These ion collectors situated on the top of the plane are carbon/graphite/graphene based. According to the proof of concept by the Ion Power Group,

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