Controlling various electronic devices,

The Hopper is a VTOL aircraft with no dangerously exposed rotor blades like a helicopter. The Hopper's rotor blades are enclosed in the fan chamber making it Safe, Quiet, and Efficient. First Responders and the Troops can use the Hopper to move patients or transport cargo/medical supplies.

Transformer efficiency is the ratio of the output power to the input power. Output power is always lower than the input power due to energy losses. Besides measures put in place to reduce energy losses; including use of laminations, soft iron core and copper wires.

How can we feed astronauts on multi-year space missions?
TEAM ASTRONOSH declares: insects will be part of the solution!

Our multidisciplinary team is pioneering the future of food with an innovative, circular food system that produces nutritious, tasty fare for astronauts deep in space,

Create a returnable plastics lottery system where reverse vending machines are used as "slot machines" and where any (authorized) plastic item could be deposited and where only very occasionally would the depositor win a (relatively) large dollar amount prize.

Reverse vending machines have already been invented


There is an enormous thirst in pharma and medical device companies for information. They need hospital data to set up medical trial, to determine market sizes, to quantify the need for new drugs and medical equipment.

In America, information like this is easily obtained. In Europe it's intrinsically difficult.

Quantum computers and quantum cryptography are potentially the first commercial applications of quantum physics. Unfortunately, quantum mechanics in its existing formulation is a no-work-around obstacle to bring these potential applications into reality. The theory needs to be reformulated in adequate logical and mathematical formalism.

Neonatal Incubator is a medical apparel to keep babies of premature birth, under controlled conditions, or those born with health impairment that may prove fatal if the baby is kept within the room atmosphere. This situation is very common in sub-sahara Africa.

A cool application that generates music according to the voice command that can prompt specifics about the music to be produced/generated.

I've leveraged AI's many APIs such as but not limited to Whisper API, Mubert API, and used Python and its many packages.

Personal Protective Nose Mask (PPNM) - a unique invention for an added protection to doctors, nurses, and the general public to protect themselves from the deadly virus COVID-19 in addition to regular types of face/cloth masks.

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