Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s a drone. Introducing the Bird Bot, a new UAV designed to soar like a real-life pigeon using bird-like feathered wings.

We are developing a new generation of solid fuel combined heat and power microturbine system. Fuels include woodchips, waste plastics, waste biomass, fuel pellets, agricultural waste, and any combustible solid, as well as conventional fuels such as propane, natural gas, heating oil, waste oil, vegetable oil, etc.

Did you know that coffee cultivation is one of the main causes of water pollution? Today, I present you an innovative solution to this problem.

On the other hand, in an application to sectors such as restaurants in the use of food waste using for biogas generation. And even,

The information is transmitted via the keyboard (Braille keyboard) on the screen. In this way the information is transmitted to the sensor on the phone cover that is attached, capturing human hand movements and transforming them into a 3D image on the phone.

That is,

DiabAide is an innovative system designed to support families with children suffering from type 1 diabetes by connecting parents with students and seniors trained in diabetes management.

Today’s scenario
At present, passengers alighting at Airports/train stations or taking a ride after any event (music sports events), try to book cabs on arrival or after the close of the event
Characteristics of these scenarios

Travel/Event tickets are pre booked,

Chompix® (patent filed) is a novel, compact, automatic, easy-to-use plastic pre-recycling device that processes PET cups and bottles through cleaning, drying, shredding and compression into bricks that can be easily transported to the recycling plant.


Due to its slow decomposition rate in natural ecosystems,

This invention combines optical technology of nanotechnology to produce accessible and reliable data processing. The invention increase security by demanding three key chips to access it. The key chips are the central controls and powersouce of the invention. The invention will revolutionize the way computers are used.

I am going to design an artificial intelligence system the monitors and controls required artificial greenhouse conditions which are climate, irrigation scheduling, light intensity, fertilizer application, insect detection, and disease predictions. The system will be using installed fans, motors, heaters, grow lights, foggers, nutrients, carbon dioxide,

A durable hard-to-break BPA-free Silicone frame for glasses. This would save families from broken glasses while protecting faces from glass or metal accidents.

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