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Sol-Stak is an open, small system, embedded prototyping paradigm.

We do a lot of prototyping across multiple vendor systems. Reference designs and software support for these systems are a fragmented, multi-standard, multi-faceted, mess.

Prototyping embedded systems has very particular focus and objectives. The last thing you want to bother with when proving a product design is dealing with anything that isn't directly relevant to the product design.

Sol-Stak embedded development significantly reduces extraneous complexities of embedding small electronic components and functions in a product.


Embedded Prototyping:
- Little to no ‘commoditization’
- Specialty hardware, simplistic integration
- Specialty software, little to no integration
- Few or fragmented standards or interconnects

The intermittent nature of solar photovoltaic (PV) electricity generation creates a considerable barrier to relying on it as a source of consistent energy. Solar intermittency and power fluctuations vary greatly over the course of a day, in time intervals ranging from seconds to minutes.

To address this problem, NanoTune is working to modify solar panels to store small amounts of energy and be able to provide consistent levels of electrical power regardless of any variations in solar intensity. This will also relieve the need for other forms of costly backup generators that usually burn fossil fuels and have slow startup response times, ranging from seconds to minutes.

NanoTune’s modification consists of adhering a small box onto the ...

Presently, this equipment is very much useful for the forging and automation industry.The main function of the step feeder is to orient & feed the cut billets lengthwise to a conveyor for the next operation. Design of the feeder is special because of it is motor and cam operated device it can carry the load around 400 kg. by using very low effort. Operation is to feed continues component step by step it is like our staircase.

It is very easy to use and reduces human effort and enables more efficient working. The robust design gives liberty to the operator.

This is manufactured and proven design & technology by ...

Redesign the step master to include working out the upper body (New Design) at the same time you work out the lower body (existing machine).

It has two options for working out your upper body:

Option 1) From pulling, will work out the arms biceps/tripceps, shoulders and chest (just about a complete upper body workout in combination with lower body (legs/gluteus/calves).

Option 2) Side lower/pulling (in combination with the step); will workout the abdominal midsection (low/upper abs, love handles), shoulders/arms including your trapezius and shoulder blades.


Stress Corrosion Cracking (SCC) is a sudden and difficult-to-predict severe degradation mode of failure of nuclear, petrochemical, and other industries. This is a development proposal for a methodological software based in: the propensity of SCC failure plus a kinetic model link which better describes the failure evolution. The main result is to predict failures with an adequate statistical regression.

1) A fixed combination of material-environmental condition is plotted on a potential-pH (Pourbaix) diagram marked with corrosion submodes – which can be originated from literature and/or experimental data [1]. This forms a Knowledge Base (KB) for SCC-Propensity. Fuzzy Logic can be used to determine the SCC-Propensity zones.

2) When the actual corrosion submode of the concerning material-environment is ...

Call it the Swirl Drive. The purpose of the idea is to improve on the Mecanum-type drive system by increasing traction and stability (and utilizing more off-the-shelf components), while retaining its simplicity, maneuverability and control system.

How the idea works: Start with a motor-driven turntable rotating parallel with the floor. Casters are evenly spaced about its perimeter. A “cycle” begins with a caster in the “non-driving” position (where the caster wheel is parallel with the movement caused by the turntable). As the turntable rotates, the caster turns (or is steered) so that, by the time it is opposite the “non-driving” position, it has been turned 90°. While the turntable completes a revolution, the caster also continues turning until it ...

This simple equipment is designed to improve efficiency and cost effectiveness level regarding time and material spent in tire manufacturing processes.

In current textile plies knitwork stage as initial process to make casing plies, there is a lot of longitude tire cords where each of them have diameters 5 times larger than the latitude with approximately 10 meters length.

Those wasted longitude tire cords could be reprocessed by tire cord splitting machine in several steps to produce a number of latitude tire cords were ready to knitted, such as counter spinning, cleavage stage (using high precision cutting tools), etc.

By this equipment, the tire manufacturer is able to reduce procurement cost significantly or produce many more textile plies with ...

The Vacuum Tile Grid System is a multifunctional system designed to keep shop floors clean and safer by providing a solution to keep dust off shop floors.

This grid system has the flexibility of being incorporated into any manufacturing environment which utilizes machinery that generates fine dust or large shavings. The individual tiles are designed to be easily connected in a straight line that allows air to flow beneath the tiles into a standard shop vac as well as providing a constant stream of airflow to eliminate all dust that falls beneath the tiles.

The complete system is comprised of three components. The main component which is the vacuum tile is made of high density polyethylene (HDPE). This material ...

The Variable Volume Reservoir (VVR) was designed around the common aerospace Bootstrap reservoir used on aircraft. The VVR design is much simpler in design and cost effective. It was designed to target the industrial hydraulic machinery sector (mobile and stationary). The main purpose is to replace the common hydraulic reservoirs where most of the time is sized too large for the application. The common rule of thumb in the industrial market for reservoir size is 2-3 times the pump flow where the VVR volume is ONLY based on thermal fluid expansion and cylinder rod volume (if applicable). In some applications the 6,6litres (400 cu.in.) VVR could replace a 400-900+ litres reservoir. This represents significative fluid volume reduction, less fluid ...

In times of natural disaster potable water and electrical power are scarce. Water is both heavy and heavily used, therefore it is most economical to transport fuel as a source of power and make the water locally from the moisture in the air. The mechanism proposed will provide both emergency power and water. The mechanism is capable of making 700 gallons of water per day from the energy recovered from the wasted exhaust heat of a 100kw electrical power generator. Potable water may also be produced from any waste heat source including refinery ...

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