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Metronome Boom

A mechanical boom arm can be articulated 360 degrees from a single actuator which is electrically controlled. The design is scalable and has a wide range of uses.

The design is basic; a central vertical shaft is a helical coil whose proportions,

To make a super-efficient environmentally-friendly engine, one would like to utilize two processes where the waste of the first process becomes the fuel of the second process.

Aviation is one of the main fields in transportation. Aside from being faster than piston engines, turbojets have greater reliability with about 99.9%. The manufacture of UAVs is quite multifaceted and is a challenging task.

This is a Mount that allows you to control your TV Mount. You can customized this mount to different angles and heights with a retracting track that allows the television to come to you when you need it to.

Any task that we perform is a result of the thoughts that is generated in our brain. When a thought is originated, a certain chemical reaction is carried out in the brain.

The invention relates to constant velocity joint of so-called fixed type, where the input and output shaft cannot move in the direction of their axes.

The aim of the invention is to provide a technical solution which is easier, cheaper, less demanding in production,

This is an innovative keyboard design that can be operated one handed, left or right hand, or with both hands, by pressing only one or two of the ten buttons. There is one key for each finger but each finger can cross the 2mm divide and press two buttons.

I invented a machine (#1 in Picture) that evolved into three different CNC machine configurations designed to permanently implant plastic optical fibers into any flexible materials including fabrics for apparel, vinyls, light plastics, coroplast, cardboard, gatorboard, etc.

To optimize a structure after a FEM analysis I think it needs to make a relaxing iteration of the mathematical array of equations first relaxing the length of the elements than the area of the section and returning to relaxing the length and the sections until the error between

The problem being solved:
A collection of common types and sizes of wrenches (Standard, Flexible, S-Shape, Half Moon, etc.) are needed to safely tighten or loosen a fastener and without damage to the fastener. Such a collection of wrenches can become quite large. Accordingly,

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