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Without talking about green house gas, GHG, and its environmental effects, all people around the world know that perfectly. The natural resource of oxygen is unfortunately disappearing so fast from our world in order to feed our industrial activities.

The idea is that at high temperature the carbon dioxide starts to dissociate into carbon monoxide and oxygen and at this moment, partially ionized gas will appear, which we can call  weak plasma. The carbon dioxide under this situation, and according to reaction kinematics, conserves to be in chemical equilibrium with carbon monoxide, oxygen and also its ions which appears strongly in the chain reaction. The electromagnetic field will make us able to control these ions and hence we can ...

Compact “parallel” beam on the sample in optical spectrometers

The measurement of the absorbance of a sample in most of the optical spectrometers (UV, vis, IR) presently is carried out by using a focused, or convergent beam , having a small size focus in the sample compartment where the sample is positioned, see Fig.1. Such beam configuration follows from the necessities of gathering as much energy as possible from the source using large mirrors and allowing the measurement of small samples. This configuration entails several disadvantages:

1. When the sample is not thin in the direction parallel to the beam axis (single pass gas cells, Dewar-type cells for high or low temperature samples, low absorbing liquids...), the diameter of ...

CubeSpawn is a straight-forward idea:

Frames, made from popular and widely available aluminum extrusion, are used to house machines that perform one step of a manufacturing process. The machines design specifications are provided as "open source" to the community of machine builders.

The frames are based on 300mm increments, so the designs are scale-able from small cells (300mm - pick and place) to medium (1.2m light milling machine or router) to large (4.8 meter - assembly robot)

Each cube is an Ethernet device so they can be linked together to form both the physical steps in a process, and the network to control and manage it, mechanical latches with integrated plugs for power and data link them together. A ...

Classical machining operations largely fall into the "subtractive manufacturing" category - operations that remove material from a solid billet to form the desired part. In recent decades, however, new forms of "additive manufacturing" have become available. In these cases, a CNC machine is used to add material to the workpiece to build up the desired features on the part. Examples include selective laser sintering (SLS), fused depositional modeling (FDM), and stereolithography. All of these techniques are limited in that they are largely only able to form parts from thermoplastics and resins. These techniques have historically required expensive and complex equipment which make them suitable only for high-end prototyping or industrial applications.

Very recently hobby-sized CNC machines and kits for ...

The Worlds ONLY Drill Driven Carpenters Pencil Sharpener!


The patent pending "SpeedSharp" carpenter pencil sharpener is the first and only carpenter pencil sharpener that can both be drill driven AND used by hand. The unique design allows everyone from the professional to the homeowner to quickly and safely sharpen their carpenters pencil.

Why use a Carpenters pencil? Round pencils not only break easily but will ROLL off of the work surface!

Why use the SpeedSharp?

The usual technique to sharpen a carpenters pencil is to use a utility knife or handheld sharpener. Using the utility knife method often results in removing excessive amounts of the pencil to get a good point. Sharpening you pencil with a handheld sharpener ...

This invention relates to an improved method of cleaning the tips of soldering irons. Soldering irons require repeated cleaning in between each soldering process so that the hot tip is free from accumulated solder, flux and other substances as this otherwise affects the quality and speed of soldered joints. The currently available methods of cleaning the tip rely on a water-wetted sponge. The hot soldering iron tip is cleaned by briefly rubbing the soldering tip on the wetted sponge. This action causes the excess solder to rub off as it rapidly solidifies from being cooled by the water component. However, because the tip cools rapidly, much of the solder and other residues remain on the tip and along its ...

Changes in intake and exhaust valve timing and throw directly effect the power, torque and fuel efficiency of a four stroke Internal Combustion Engine (ICE). The timing (or phase) relative to the position of the piston alters when the valve begins to open or close during an intake or exhaust stroke while the throw (or eccentricity) determines how quickly the valve opens and closes (the Lift Rate), how long the valve is off of its seat (the Duration), and the maximum available throat area when the valve is fully opened (the Valve Lift). Additionally, the intake and exhaust valves have a phase relationship between when each is at its maximum lift -- called the Valve Phasing or Overlap -- ...

Nowadays there are few standard plugs for e-vehicle charging. They cannot be used for robotic charging due to the need for precise pushing. My idea is to produce a simple socket in an e-vehicle (picture 1 top) and plug (robot hand).

Socket construction is very simple. Plug (robot hand) consists of two group of contacts. First, group metal balls (a,b,c,d). Second, metal rod in a center of plug.

How it works. (picture 2)
Phase 1 pushing.
Phase 2 adjusting until all contacts (a,b,c,d) become electricaly connected together through metal ring in a socket.
Phase 3 rod pushing.
Electrical gear pushes rod until it fully goes into socket.
Metal balls goes into socket ring trench.

Key benefits
Simple, safe, ...

The MAJX Aerospace Powerplant is an airbreathing open cycle jet engine employing valveless, high frequency impulse reaction technology. As a pulsed detonation reactor/ramjet hybrid having no moving parts, MAJX is able to achieve substantially greater levels of combustion kinetics than steady state systems, which translates directly to higher fuel efficiency and a superior thrust-to-weight ratio.

Offering an ultra-low manufacturing cost and virtually maintenance free, MAJX has the potential to radically alter the economics of the emerging personal jet marketplace, and confer revolutionary cost effectiveness for military flight applications. Operable on Jet-A, JP-5/8, 100LL Avgas, Gasoline, LNG/LPG, or Alcohol, the lightweight MAJX propulsion system is ideal for UAV/RPV applications, and is inexpensive enough to be considered 'disposable' for use in ...

Electro-Chemical Machining is a non-traditional way of machining conductive materials. This way is based on the electrolysis concept, as the current passes from tool to workpiece through the electrolyte, the workpiece is to be ionized, then ions are moved tending to precipitate on the tool but it will be flushed by the flow of the electrolyte; due to ions removal, a cavity is produced having a shape which is similar to that of the used tool with little bit lrger dimensions. This difference in dimensions is because of the flow of the electrical charges. Because of this difference the tool is designed slightly smaller than the needed dimensions in order to compensate for the difference to get the desired ...

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