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Without talking about green house gas, GHG, and its environmental effects, all people around the world know that perfectly. The natural resource of oxygen is unfortunately disappearing so fast from our world in order to feed our industrial activities.

Compact “parallel” beam on the sample in optical spectrometers

The measurement of the absorbance of a sample in most of the optical spectrometers (UV, vis, IR) presently is carried out by using a focused, or convergent beam ,

CubeSpawn is a straight-forward idea:

Frames, made from popular and widely available aluminum extrusion, are used to house machines that perform one step of a manufacturing process. The machines design specifications are provided as "open source" to the community of machine builders.

Classical machining operations largely fall into the "subtractive manufacturing" category - operations that remove material from a solid billet to form the desired part. In recent decades, however, new forms of "additive manufacturing" have become available. In these cases,

The Worlds ONLY Drill Driven Carpenters Pencil Sharpener!


The patent pending "SpeedSharp" carpenter pencil sharpener is the first and only carpenter pencil sharpener that can both be drill driven AND used by hand.

This invention relates to an improved method of cleaning the tips of soldering irons. Soldering irons require repeated cleaning in between each soldering process so that the hot tip is free from accumulated solder, flux and other substances as this otherwise affects the quality and speed of soldered joints.

Changes in intake and exhaust valve timing and throw directly effect the power, torque and fuel efficiency of a four stroke Internal Combustion Engine (ICE).

Nowadays there are few standard plugs for e-vehicle charging. They cannot be used for robotic charging due to the need for precise pushing. My idea is to produce a simple socket in an e-vehicle (picture 1 top) and plug (robot hand).

Socket construction is very simple.

The MAJX Aerospace Powerplant is an airbreathing open cycle jet engine employing valveless, high frequency impulse reaction technology. As a pulsed detonation reactor/ramjet hybrid having no moving parts, MAJX is able to achieve substantially greater levels of combustion kinetics than steady state systems,

Electro-Chemical Machining is a non-traditional way of machining conductive materials. This way is based on the electrolysis concept, as the current passes from tool to workpiece through the electrolyte, the workpiece is to be ionized,

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