Imagine Nathan, a 58 year old grandfather of three, suffering from coronary heart disease. His doctor has recommended a daily walk for 30 minutes but Nathan has been delaying it for weeks in fear of a sudden stroke, heart attack or a simple fall while walking.

The process of rapid medical evacuation requires that medical information be reliably transferred from station to station with the injured warfighter. This proposal puts forth a concept that will allow for accurate, secure, and reliable transfer of this medical information.

In place of the standard military id tag,

This Wheelchair Drive-Assistance Device is designed to eliminate the complex arm motions at awkward wrist angles required to propel a manual wheelchair by its occupant, motion that can greatly contributes to rotator cuff tears and median nerve damage, which can possibly lead to carpal tunnel syndrome,

The "White Glove Seeing Eye Phone": Use multiple proximity (ultra-sound and optical) sensors and high end imaging processing, to detect traffic, lights, obstacles, people, and gestures, so that a Visually Impaired (VI) person can get around safely. GPS features to allow the VI to navigate,


Coronary artery disease, the restriction of blood flow to the heart, is the leading cause of death in the United States. The chances of suffering a myocardial infarction are great and increase up to fifteen times after the first occurrence. During a heart attack,

I am proud to have designed the first functional artificial finger for amputees; called X-Fingers. These simple yet effective tools enable finger amputees to control the movement of each replaced phalange. The devices move as quickly as real fingers restoring considerable strength and dexterity.

In the United States, only 15% of available donor lungs are transplanted into critical recipients due to the associated damage to the organs from the traumatic death event.

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