Standing Support System: In the practice of surgery, dentistry and other clinical procedures which require long periods of standing while intently focused on the critical task at hand there is a well understood need to provide a means of reducing the strain associated with leaning, bending,

The Trekr Dry-swim Machine© is designed to replicate the motion of doing the “doggie paddle” stroke during its use. It exercises all muscle groups at the same time, and provides the same benefits obtained by swimming in water.


The Tourniquet Coupling Device was designed from the perspective of patient comfort, patient safety, ease of use, disposability and low cost. All of these objectives have been met – thus dramatically enhancing the use of disposable latex and latex-free tourniquets.


The present invention relates to a medical device for minimally invasive procedures and particularly to an image sensor to be used in such a procedure.

Nature always has the solution to every problem, we need only to observe and investigate. This is why I have in mind that with burns, especially third-degree that leave extensive scars on the body,

Brain tumors include all tumors inside the cranium or in the central spinal canal. Protected by the skull, early detection of a brain tumor only occurs when diagnostic tools are directed at the intracranial cavity.

Ultrasonic Flashlight

What problem does your design idea solve?

This product is a navigational aid for visually impaired persons. It helps the visually impaired to better understand their surroundings and navigate more safely within their environment.

What are the potential benefits?

Video Adapter For Laryngoscope Saves Lives.

The Video Adapter converts a traditional laryngoscope into a sophisticated imaging tool for endotracheal intubation. It is designed primarily for Emergency, EMS,

Studies show that Vitamin D inadequacy has been reported in approximately 57% of general medicine inpatients and is at epidemic levels in worldwide populations. When converted to its biologically active form, Vitamin D serves multiple functions: activating immune defenses, regulating calcium and potassium,

Imagine paraplegic patients with as severe injuries as complete paralysis of lower limbs to be able to independently stand up and walk both indoors and outdoors simultaneously exercising power assisted gait training.

According to the International Spinal Cord Society,

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