This concept enriches the user of a manual wheelchair by offering an ergonomic alternative to the present method of grasping & pushing a cold slippery hand rim.

The concept answers the need of the wheelchair-bound who have reduced hand & arm capacity or prehension problems.

During medical exams, men are often asked, “Have you noticed any reduction in urination ability?” This is asked in order to obtain an indication of prostate gland enlargement that usually constricts the urinary duct. Most men aren’t aware of any reduction until it’s severe.

My device allows a visually impaired person to gain more freedom and independence allowing them to navigate in public buildings and spaces more easily than ever before. The device is simple, effective and inexpensive to manufacture, install and maintain.

Part of the increasing medical costs we see comes from the need for diagnosis via either a doctor's visit or, in the case of poorer people, a visit to the emergency room. Often, perhaps 60% of the time, the condition is trivial.

Remedy Lift is a lift designed to lift patients from wheelchair to bed and vice versa. This lift differs from existing products because it is completely remote controlled, allowing the patient the option to operate it without the assistance of a nurse,etc.

A blood clot can happen so fast somewhere in our bodies, and it can cause death of the whole human being or part of his body. The researches carried out is to minimize the time of rescue as possible, because the doctors, in many cases,

In April, 2010 the FDA announced its “Home Use Initiative” to ensure that caregivers and patients can use complex medical devices in the home safely. In the spirit of this initiative,

Introducing the Algen & Klemer SENSIJECT® syringe; the only syringe that provides the user with sensory feedback in the form of auditory and tactile signals when a predetermined volume of fluid is drawn into and administered from the syringe.

Over the years, conventional syringe makers have used larger fonts,

Project description:
This project is a creative work focused on designing an intelligent living space for the physically challenged with advanced control over various entities around.

One of the dreams of handicapped people is to regain their mobility. It is sad that for many of them this is an elusive dream.

For many years wheelchairs have helped disabled people to some extent. According to the Wheelchair Foundation,

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