Our goal is to measure and evaluate the performance of the human body, in real-time and in action on the field. We integrated a few technologies together for physiological parameters measurement and defined new test protocols. Based on that, we also developed algorithms so we can,

EnableRx – Enabling technologies for next generation medical diagnostics

Our Mission: EnableRx is an organization dedicated to creating innovative, low-cost, modular, scalable and interoperable telemedicine solutions that can be implemented across the planet and in space applications.

The idea is to have an endoscope with protected working channel, which is intended to prevent inadvertent damages from Holmium laser fibers to the distal end of flexible Videoscope or Fiberscope during surgery.

Up to 75 percent of women in developing countries do not give birth in hospital settings. Care is typically provided by minimally trained attendants, or sometimes family members, who lack the skills to deal with complications during delivery.

Innovation: The Hamstrings Rolling Weight Exercise Machine is a very simple but efficient piece of equipment that aids people to shape or tone primarily the hamstrings muscles and the outer and inner calf’s and to a lesser degree the quadriceps, abductors, and interior and posterior tibialis.

The Handy Handle 2 is designed to aid many people that otherwise will not be able to do certain tasks. We take for granted having two hands to do everyday tasks. I designed the handle to not look as a typical handicap item.

As per Federal Govt, the indoor air of any room is up to 50 times more contaminated when compared to outdoor park environment.

This is due to the fact that most homes are built air tight to have good insulation against cold winter. This means,

In recent years, the medical device industry has bloomed and continues to spread out every day. The people's health is most important and a priorty for scientists and engineers. Every day, they have a new discovery to use in the pharmaceutical industry,

We present a conceptual design, associated components, and method of assembling a paradigm shifting implantable artificial kidney system. This relatively simple device allows continuous, silent, and autonomous separation and removal of selected contaminants in a patient’s blood without using traditional filters and without application of external hydrostatic pressures.

My 4th idea from Salamander Research And Development is to save time in Emergency Rooms. When someone has broken or fractured a limb, a plaster cast is often called for. However, the application of the bandage is halted halfway through as the technician, PA or doctor has to stop,

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