One in four patients in any healthcare facility has a pressure ulcer at any given time, costing a 100-bed facility approximately $750,000/yr on treatment. Bedsores are a leading iatrogenic cause of death reported in developed countries.

The practice of dentistry exposes dental professionals to a variety of work-related hazards.

A mobile multifunctional dental apparatus comprising: a generally rectangular shaped outer casing having a front wall, a rear wall, sidewalls, a floor. An interior compartment. A hinged lid, a plurality of wheels and an electrical coupling device, the front wall including a plurality of switches and a lighted screen,

(1) To determine the optimum corneal incision that provides the best sealing abilities with minimum induced astigmatism.
(2) To compare the engineering analysis of the MultiKeratome, a keratome that is curved or arched with multiple points, for a diamond blade with that of a stainless steel blade.

There are currently 224 nations of the world who are listed in the infant mortality rate posted by the CIA World Fact Book.

Advances in microscopy have made single cell analysis an important approach in both the study of cell signaling pathways and in high content analysis used in drug development.

Endoscopes are widely used for diagnosis in human internal organs, but conventional endoscopes can only collect surface information. Thus, biopsy is often needed. Newly-developed endoscopes that employ optical coherence and scanning micromirrors can be used to replace risky, painful and time-consuming biopsy,

The PIN Access Biologic-Biometrics Snapshot Profile is a global healthcare intervention system for improving the efficiency and quality of healthcare, saving lives, time and money, eliminating or reducing decades of fear and risk a doctor or local person or foreigner in any location worldwide, routinely living,

Introduction, A fast and efficient method to detect dangerous bacteria is a very important need. A bacterial outbreak such as E. coli and salmonella causes illness and even death.

By using a CCD camera, LEDs and a modified face detection algorithm,

Portable bidet is a small nozzle that attaches to a plastic bottle and transforms it to a fully functional, personal bidet. The nozzle provides a convenient and time-saving alternative to the exclusive use of toilet paper, cumbersome and expensive bidets,

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