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Are you designing a small commercial unmanned airborne system (UAS)? Perhaps you have found a few suppliers for autopilots, but you have definitely faced the problem of finding the right supporting electronic modules, such as onboard power systems, motor drivers and servo controllers.

Unusual State Alarm and Recovery Director

inexpensive stall warning device based upon known aerodynamic performance of airplane, balancing G-forces against force proportional to dynamic pressure. The basis for this idea evolved early (US 1,885,578 and 504,062).

Such an instrument may be an airtight case having upper and lower halves,


The present invention relates to a vehicle seat that acts with a pendulum motion to reduce the likelihood of a passenger impacting the seat/structure in front of her during crash loadings.


In various modes of transportation,

Problem to be solved
We will rapidly approach a point where the terrestrial traffic simply stands still, and that will limit our personal movement. So the vertical flight made by Vertical Takeoff and Landing – VTOL aircarft becomes a logic and immediate solution. On the other hand,

www.vincs.it/VincSCalc key Features:

- One of the few calculators with resizable window (up to full screen) in order to allow a wide input/output field for huge numbers (horizontal) and deeply nested calculation (vertical).

The M249 SAW and most other light machine guns (LMG) currently fielded by military’s around the world are outdated. Originally manufactured in the early '80's, their limitations such as painstakingly slow reload times, unreliable feeding mechanisms, lack of modularity,

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