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High Altitude-Long Endurance UAV MAY-21 can be used on global strategic missions for anti-terrorism and peace keeping operations. It can be operated during 26houres without refueling at altitude 18.5km from sea level.

High Velocity Interstellar Probes

Travel to other stars is expected to take centuries unless we discover a faster-than-light technology, which NASA is currently exploring. An alternative is to send small probes at near the speed of light (c).

This is a new type of hybrid combustor for turbine driven jet engines which will utilise the convenience of using a conventional combustor to start scramjet combustion that will drive the turbine of a jet engine. The idea is that,

To provide an instrument flying training aid for the instruction of student pilots

This instrument flying training aid is composed of two components:
A polarized film applique that is applied to the windscreen of the trainer aircraft
A pair of opposing polarized glasses worn by the student

This concept came after watching “The Martian” and seeing news footage of a earthquake relief camp. “The Martian” showed an inflatable habitat used on Mars, while the news showed people still living in nylon tents years after the earthquake.

Our team has developed a thin film technology of amorphous carbon nitride, and applied it in the field of infrared optical lenses to provide protection for infrared optical lenses.

“Passive controls” of airflow over aircraft wings focus on airflow boundary layer effects, with benefits of drag reduction, lift to drag ratio enhancement, wing stall delay, better post-stall behavior and performance, reduced stalling at steep attack angles, shorter take off and landing distances and overall flight control performance,

The InSpec Snapshot Surface Gauge is a compact, vibration-immune 3D surface measurement system with micrometer-level vertical and lateral resolution for measurement of precision machined components. By allowing rapid, accurate, in situ quantification of critical features and defects,

The International Space Station (ISS) is subject to debris traveling at great speed from almost any direction. Normally debris is tracked by ground radar. However, it is limited in the size that it can see and sensor on Earth position. Therefore,

Reduction of drag and boosting of lift to drag ratio is of paramount importance to maximize flight efficiency. Turbulence has a major role in producing drag.

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