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Drone Camouflage using live camera feed of one side (top) played on a flexible LCD panel on the other side (bottom) of the UAV creating an illusion of invisibility for the eyes on the ground.

This technology is related and was realised by the study of biological polymers, their chemical composition and modifications to suit specific evolutionary adaptaptions.
Most manufactured polymers are chemical combinations designed to meet a singular specific need, whereas biological polymers are combinations of such individual chemical combinations.

Jet fuel for propulsion uses hydrogen and oxygen as fuel. These elements are costly to produce and store, and cost human life and dollars of tech when something goes wrong. The problem is due to various factors like containment, expansion, pressurization etc.

Current structural architecture of composite aircraft fuselages, although more advanced, functional and lighter then metallic fuselages designed decades ago, still imply a set of important disadvantages and deficiencies from the perspective of fuselage design, manufacturing, testing, assembly, transport, maintainability, exchangeability, reusability, monitoring, etc.

In an attempt to improve upon the ideas originally proposed by Dr. Robert L. Forward in his article: Starwisp: An Ultra – Light Interstellar Probe (J. Spacecraft, Vol. 22, No. 3, May – June 1985, PP. 345 – 350),

ECE is an external combustion thermal engine with no moving parts.
Through thermal cycles of free-electrons in metal or semiconductor, ECE converts thermal energy directly into electricity in high efficiency.

Potential applications of ECE can be:

1. Range extender for electric vehicles (EV).

Enduralock prides itself as the premier leader of vibration resistant technology in the aerospace industry. Headquartered in Overland Park, KS, Enduralock ensures commitment to innovation and high quality products.

Enduralock's creative spirit in aerospace engineering has brought to existence a proprietary portfolio of never-before-seen fastener technologies –

With the success of “New Space” companies such as SpaceX and Blue Origin, there is a renewed interest in low-cost private launch systems and space exploration in general. Governmental space agencies, especially NASA, are working in partnership with emerging private companies.

Fiber optic transmissions are secure, fast and with limitless capacity. These are replacing copper and integral to wireless.

There are two types of fiber optic connections: the first is "direct contact" and is commonly used in data centers, fiber to the home,

Stronger than titanium, lighter than aluminum, tested by the US Army to stop speeding bullets at record setting velocities! Flash® Bainite steel makes ars lighter, safer, less costly & greener.

With roots in the Armor Industry, Flash® Bainite is a revolutionary technology that creates “maximum strength steel”

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