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This configuration allows a single design for spacious habitation modules for space exploration. A module can be used to transit space and land on an exobody surface. The crew then reconfigures multistory decks as required or desired. As many decks may be provided for maximum flexibility.

For all decks,

Surveillance Locating And Immobilizing Peace Keeping Vehicle is a drone which can be used for both lethal as well as non lethal purposes by the military or the police.

The instability in spacecraft was found to be the result of interaction between liquid lateral sloshing modes and the attitude control which tends to deviate the spacecraft from its trajectory.

First we made a fire-proof cabin that layer fill with air in an airplane as like swimming tube. Cabin is made from fire-proof cloth material. Inside the cabin, a belt is attached to the cabin wall like roller coaster belt.

The Space Debris Remover contains a piece of "soft" ferromagnetic material which can be temporarily magnetized. Debris in metal such as nickel, iron will attract to the induced magnet. After the remover attaches to the targeted debris,

The SuperCritical Air Mobility Pack (SCAMP) provides breathing air and full body cooling for hazardous materials workers, firefighters, and industry. Breathing air is essential for workers under oxygen deficient conditions or where toxic gases are present. In addition to providing the basic air supply, SCAMP solves the major,


The Palm Aviation Kerosene Bio Fuel and the Palm kerosene bio fuel exhibit, mixture of methyl can produce a low pour point which will make the fuel useable and reach the world standard.

NASAs LaRC has a new method for generating very low mass visual targets that enable three-dimensional metrology and photogrammetry measurements (surface position, shape, profile, etc.) for very thin and lightweight structures.

High speed vertical lift aircraft has always been a constant search for the aerospace engineering community. During this search, only two aircraft have partial success reaching this goal so far, a jetfighter and a tilt rotor. The jetfighter can only land vertically but not take off.

The turbo - propeller differs that its blades are mounted on a turbo - platform.

This turbo - platform has two operating modes. In both modes it supplies the bottom blades with more dense air.

It already is advantage.

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