The invention is a device to transport people.

Piezoelectric technology is still young and its potential uses are infinite. My invention provides the simultaneous harvesting and using of energy.

Following the concept used by the millipedes and starfish the system is designed to use many legs to distribute weight and propel the body forward and, at the same time, generate electricity for immediate reuse.

We have seen how floors are used to capture the energy generated by the footfalls of pedestrians, ZILLIPEDE uses hundreds of small piezoelectric devices on the soles of specially designed shoes to lift the person and move them forward (or backward) as they desire. As one set of piezoelectric devices lift, the ...

The foldable kids’ furniture one encounters in playschools are typically miniatures of the adult versions. Their hard surfaces, complex assembly and awkward bulk render them inappropriate, if not dangerous for children. A colourful range of ?at-pack EVA foam seating, called ‘ZIPP’, addresses this with remarkable ?air. A single foam sheet is smartly cut, folded and fastened with a zipper, whose seam gives it enough stiffness to take the weight of a small child. The material is also excellent for embossing, a way to introduce graphics on to the product. Zipp is a beautiful example of frugal, simple, intelligent ...

A cloud-based mobile system that can classify objects and further compute the overall object with high accuracy. The novelty in our system is that we are not only offloading heavy computational functions of the system to the cloud, but also employing an intelligent cloud-broker mechanism to strategically and efficiently utilize cloud instances to provide accurate and improved time response results. Examples include:

Visual Recognition service can be used for diverse applications and industries, such as:

o Manufacturing: Use images from a manufacturing setting to make sure products are being positioned correctly on an assembly line.

o Insurance: Rapidly process claims by using images to classify claims into different categories.

o Social listening: Use images from ...

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