Problem to be solved
We will rapidly approach a point where the terrestrial traffic simply stands still, and that will limit our personal movement. So the vertical flight made by Vertical Takeoff and Landing – VTOL aircarft becomes a logic and immediate solution. On the other hand, the single actual means for vertical flight is represented by helicopter. This expensive aerial vehicle is very risky to be used in urban environment because its exposed external rotors for which any contact with other external object leads to a disaster.

Potential benefits
As opposed to the mechanically complicated cyclic swash-plate and mechanically coupled tail rotor found in a conventional helicopter, the presented aircraft implements a simple, safe and low weight ...

www.vincs.it/VincSCalc key Features:

- One of the few calculators with resizable window (up to full screen) in order to allow a wide input/output field for huge numbers (horizontal) and deeply nested calculation (vertical).

- Nesting of calculation kept shown in calculation area that may become vertically scrollable for deeply nested calculation.

- Input/Output operand fields horizontally scrollable to allow arbitrary hugeness of integers (as huge as your hardware will allow)

- Numeric Keyboard disabled automatically when data is consistent to avoid involuntary overwrite (only operators or "clears" buttons are accepted)

- 5 "Memories Absolute" (MAx) on the left side of calculation area - these are used ...

Approximately 35 million people worldwide are living with HIV, a majority of whom live in resource-limited settings. The World Health Organization recommends that every person diagnosed with HIV receives a viral load test at least once per year for staging, treatment decisions, and monitoring of treatment efficacy. The standard laboratory-based viral load test requires advanced infrastructure, a well-controlled environment, and trained technicians. These tests are not applicable for resource-limited settings. As such, there is a need for the development of inexpensive, portable, and easy-to-operate technologies for HIV treatment monitoring that can be used at the point-of-care.

Our team presents Viral Diagnostic Technology, an innovative approach to HIV viral load testing with the potential to be significantly easier to operate, ...

In my project my intention is to create a 3D virtual human anatomy that a medical student can use to earn dissection. If they make a mistake, press a virtual button and a different body appears, so that's why they could dissect again. You could do many times as you want. No harm to anybody, it is a computer model.

Virtual surgery is predominantly going to be used by surgeons in the near future. If it is complicated surgery, even an inexperienced surgeon might want to do a preplanning or rehearsal. This technology could be very useful in that situation. The same tool is also useful when you are training a surgeon. The cycle of training is quite ...

An automotive Virtual Side View Mirror (VSVM), which uses a closed-circuit video system to generate images of the sides of a vehicle and present the images to the driver in a manner to improve traffic “situational awareness.” Benefits include: improved safety, reduced noise/vibration, reduced fuel consumption, and increased styling freedom.

The automotive side view mirror is a safety device and legally required. Current technology uses mirrors positioned in housings outside of the vehicle, close to the A-pillar. This design philosophy presents the following deficiencies:
• Blind Spots – Limited lateral visibility; a safety concern.
• Poor Night Vision – Poor visibility under limited lighting conditions; a safety concern.
• Noise/Vibration – Unsteady aerodynamic fluctuations generate unsteady forces, leading ...

Amongst the reasons underlying trains’ disasters, two are especially striking: (A) derailment, (B) trains’ crashes either due to derailed carriages, frontal shock or, paradoxically, to ‘backwards’ shocks.
Possible causes for derailment (excess of velocity, some objects on the rails, etc.) are here discarded. Rather, attention is paid to situations in which a driver is confronted either with eventual frontal shocks or (after a curve) with an unexpected stopped train.

Both of these extreme situations could be solved if both drivers have an anticipated – or ‘virtual’ - image of the position of the other train - not only sufficiently far away to allow both the activation of an alarm ...

Virtuoso is an embedded system virtual device framework, allowing any idea for an electronic product to be virtualized for development. The framework is an enabling technology that will transform the development of electronic firmware, altering the state of the art much in the same way that 3D printing has transformed mechanical design.

Virtuoso allows custom embedded application hardware to be effortlessly virtualized for development. With an application layer that easily cross-compiles between the virtual device and the target compiler, the firmware application can be developed and tested independent of hardware. The firmware application is hosted or “wrapped” in a C# application, allowing the host to completely emulate the target hardware and interface to real-world application-specific system components. When the ...

Visual Ambrosia®, when you view it, instantly and coherently benefits The Future, with cognitively superior, graphically restful, colorfully alluring video distraction.

Why? Countless millions of video display screens, in every hotel/hospital/waiting room, have TVs. All viewers in wait areas, just by waiting, are prone, variously, to stress. Existing streaming news feeds and repetitive decorative landscape video programming, offered waiting viewers as narrative-free video content, are scarcely soothing, emotionally. By contrast, Visual Ambrosia® UHD video streaming programs function, for waiting viewers, quite differently. Visual Ambrosia® is calming, intriguing, unexpected, subtle, steadily surprising, universally intelligible; it’s “TWOSE”, a tranquilizer without side effects.

How? Visual Ambrosia® movies are magnification video animation sequences, derived from gigabyte dimension, digital scans of 19th C. chromolithographic ...

The loss of voice for people is a cause of significant limitations in their communication skills and degradation of their assertion. It is a restricting factor of the power of swift verbal communication. People with this impediment can’t be heard and understood when socialising not face to face, in loud environments etc.

The Electrolarynx is an apparatus which after being placed on soft tissue parts of the neck gives out audible vibrations. The user is able to verbally communicate which is caused by the movement of the mouth and tongue which then creates single words through this apparatus. It is mostly used by patients that had a laryngectomy or tracheotomy that was the cause of the loss of voice.


Communication is one of the most important aspects of human life. The world has been turned into a global village after the integration of communication technologies with the Internet. And of all the different communication technologies available, email is considered as one of the most pervasive forms of communication. Emails have become a norm of communicating with each other replacing letters completely. Even after other technologies such as social networking are also taking hold over the Internet world, email remains the most ubiquitous form of business communication.

However, all of these technologies can be of no use to the people who are visually impaired as all activities that can be performed on the computer are based on visual perception. ...

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