The patent pending WaterStrider is a multi-terrain landing system which works with the existing landing gear of the DJI Phantom 4 and Phantom 3 to allow easy and safe landings almost anywhere. Until now the only option for landing a drone on water or uneven terrain was to purchase a separate and expensive water drone or rig a home-made solution. This limited the environment where a drone could be used or encourages dangerous mid-air catches.

WaterStrider allows owners to use their existing drones on water, tall grass, snow, sand, rocks, and mud. It means arriving on site and not worrying about where to land and where to take-off. With an easy, 1 minute, installation process the WaterStrider can be ...

Wearable Power Modules (WPM) is a modular solution to enhancing human mobility and capability with smart engine powers. The centerpiece of WPM is the power module (PM). PM empowers various modular tools for many field applications.

For field applications, power module needs to meet some criteria:
1. Compact, light, quiet and portable.
2. High power ratio, energy density and fuel efficiency.
3. Safe, durable and meets environmental regulations.
4. With “power by demand” and many other intelligent features.

Conventional engines are bulky, heavy, noisy, dumb and not suitable for wearable applications.

Proposed Electronic Carnot Engine (ECE) is clean, compact, light and quiet. ECE generates electricity to power electrical devices. Fuel-Air Injection (FAI) engine is also clean, compact, light and ...

Physically challenged people are often treated as an outcast of the society. They face a number of physical, psychological, social, emotional and economic problems. Apart from the social problems they face from the world that has turned apathetic and hostile towards them, the problems due to their disability is also of great concern. Physically handicapped people often find it difficult to perform the basic things in their day-to-day life that normal people take for granted like getting out of the bed, using the restroom, moving around the house or operating the home appliances etc. This project focuses on solving the problem to some extent. It does so by designing and manufacturing a wheelchair which will be able to assist ...

Hybrid gas-electric vehicles require the addition of electric motors to provide power to the wheels when the vehicles are moved on battery electric energy.

Electric motors for hybrid vehicles are becoming very small and efficient, Nevertheless, these motors add additional weight to the vehicle with the subsequent additional energy required to move a bigger mass.

Proposed Idea uses the wheels as electric motor rotor. Multiple tiny neodymium magnets are added to the lateral faces of the vehicle tires. And small static electromagnets are used to convert electricity into torque.

Main advantages:

1.- No electrical motor structure required, weight added is only multiple tiny magnets and small electromagnets.

2,. No additional friction looses on gears or bearings because torque is ...

The main idea of this project is use of wind turbines in the airplane design in order to reduce consumption of usual fuel types greatly.

As an example of airplane model I used Beechcraft Baroon 58. The Beechcraft Baron is a light-medium twin-engine piston aircraft originally developed by Beech Aircraft Corporation and currently manufactured by the Beechcraft Division of Raytheon Aircraft.

I’ve changed its twin 260 horsepower engine into one 520 in the middle of fuse. It’s only one active unit which will make the plane move.

Passive wind turbines are located on the left and right wings of the Beechcraft. They have the same type of action as usual wind turbine on ...

WindFurnace.com proposes an improved Wind Furnace (UMass circa 1972-1985) resulting in reduced cost and complexity of past wind driven heating systems.

WindFurnace.com is not based on electricity generation but converts rotational energy, from a wind turbine, directly into heat through use of a dynamic heat generator (DHG) manufactured by Island City Engineering of Merrill, Wisconsin. A DHG is a hydro-dynamic rotary device that creates heat through fluid shearing (Fig. 1). A DHG can convert rotation to heat at efficiency levels greater than 85%.

Vertical axis wind turbines are well suited for this application because they deliver high torque, self-start, and can be mounted on existing structures; such as roof tops and silos. The turbine drive shaft ...

Forward bicycle pedaling only transfers the torque to the wheel. Reverse pedaling doesn’t transfer the torque to the wheel, due to free wheel. So forward pedaling only requires pedal effort and it will vary depends upon load and vehicle type (bicycle, tricycle & handicapped cycle). For reverse pedaling no pedal effort is required and it will be the same for all the above.

In my proposal, reverse movement of the pedal, used to wind the clock/spiral spring (some pedal effort is required) to store the energy and release the energy for forward movement. For example, to move the cycle, usually your regular pedal effort (say 60 Newton force) is only used, but in the proposed cycle to move your ...

The building industry employs millions of Electrical Tradesman (Electricians) whose task it is to wire a building with high voltage (110, 240 volts or similar) with ‘builders wire’ and connect the ends of the wires to switches, power outlets, light fittings and more. Wire stripping is normally carried out in the field using a pair of pliers. The electrician usually is also carrying a battery/electric drill-screwdriver in his kit.

My invention is to integrate a wire stripper for ‘builders wire’ into the battery drill. This way the tradesman can use the same tool to strip the wire, twist it together (if required) and then tighten the screws.

‘Builders wire’ is usually a flat bundle of 3 wires, in most ...


VERSION-01 – Waste-Container’s unchallenged competitive advantage design featured is a perfect system solution replacement for by the girls/boys/women/men hand-push-pull-carry type waste-containers, garbage-cans and traditional-utensils in residential also commercial areas,....over the present conventional communities’ waste managements.

VERSION-02 – Mail-Box’s unchallenged competitive advantage design featured is a perfect system solution replacement for by the mailmen/flyer-newspaper-boy or mailwomen/flyer-newspaper-girl in delivering super convenient, practical, easy and fast traditional mail[envelops,postcards,documents,packages,newspapers,catalogs,flyers,..etc] in residential also commercial areas destinations,....over the present conventional communities’ mail-delivery ...

The Wonder Glove is a cleaning mitt that agitates and absorbs at the same time. The mitt is made of a suede-like lined sherpa material, with three strips of an olefin fiber material on either side. This product can be used on virtually any surface, and it will not scratch! The Wonder Glove is a great tool in that it has the properties of both a sponge and a brush, but eliminates the need for more than one cleaning tool. It has been used for hard water lines on pools and spas, interior and exterior of automobiles (it will remove bugs and tar), spot cleaning carpet (will remove gum and candle wax), as well as many other household cleaning ...

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