My concept provides a much faster fluid flow mechanism into or out of a control device. The device could be hydraulic, pneumatic or any other fluid that must be controlled precisely.

Servo valve operators typically perform this function. However, typical servo valve operators must change their movement direction to initiate a downstream valve action. My concept avoids the typical change in direction of the servo valve operator (flapper device). This means no deceleration, movement stopping & subsequent acceleration to effect the downstream valve function.

The concept is infinitely variable depending upon the number of windows in the spinning members & the external stepper motor speeds.

Both spinning members & stepper motors could be concentric.

See the attached ...

Autokinetics AK12EV Ultralight Electric Bus

The concept for this advanced bus design originated with two small grants from the US Department of Energy, and culminated in the fabrication of a proof of concept prototype. A next generation, production ready design is currently under way.

The AK12EV features a low floor architecture from front to rear, for improved handicap and passenger access, with independent suspension on all four corners for better ride and handling qualities. It is an entirely new and unconventional design with major departures from traditional buses in the areas of body structure, suspension, brakes, propulsion, doors, and seats. The result is a full size city bus that achieves the equivalent of 32 mpg, whereas a standard ...

The aim of this project is to develop a wireless power transmission method utilizing ultrasonic waves travelling along plates. The primary application for this method is the supply of power to wireless sensor nodes located in remote areas of a building. The method can also be used in other applications in which a wireless power supply is desirable and a plate structure through which the ultrasonic waves can propagate exists. A vibration generator is placed in a location where electricity supply is readily available. Ultrasonic waves generated by this device travel through the structure to a receiver in a remote wireless sensor node. The receiver converts the mechanical vibration of the ultrasonic waves back to electricity, which is used ...

Ultraviolet Pathogen Aspirator is designed for mass transit and high density urban population zones where commutable diseases are easily transmitted. Crowded subway cars, buses, and airplanes are where people are most vulnerable to catching a cold, flu, and other airborne viruses.

Unlike paper masks which offer little protection for microscope organics which easily pass through the paper fibers and can even build up on the exterior of the mask.

This mask contains no filter at all, only a specially designed diffuser housing which cause the air to flow freely and quietly past high intensity UV LEDs.
These LED are of a wavelength UV-A, UV-B which is known to destroy bacterial organisms, mold spores, and other airborne pathogens. The diffuser ...

The Obstructive Sleep Apnea is a disease in which your breathing stops unconsciously while sleeping, generating serious problems that affects the quality of life of adults and children: respiratory disorders, heart diseases, cognitive disadvantages, among others.

At UMAQ we are developing a solution that allows to discard the disease with a high percentage of effectiveness, decreasing significantly the costs of diagnosis.

How does it work?

Our device captures, from the comfort of the patient's own bed, sleep signals (EEG, EOG, chin EMG and oximetry), breathing signals (Air Flow and RIP belt) and movement signals (leg movement), which are later transmitted to the cloud wirelessly and processed online by our algorithm, which delivers a pre-diagnosis to the patient and to ...

Internal combustion engines suffer from fairly low efficiency (internal thermal losses and wasted hot exhaust enthalpy). Small-scale engines' surface area/volume ratio combustion chamber leads to higher heat transfer losses and inefficient combustion. Furthermore, the market for micro combined heat and power (micro-CHP) system has solutions with high ratios of heat/electricity (4:1, 3:1, 2:1), but none with lower ratios, which would require very highly efficient engines.

The “UMotor” is being developed at the University of Minho and aims at revolutionizing the way small engines attain high efficiency. It uses a bundle of technologies in conjunction with an innovative and unconventional crankshaft enabling the over-expansion of the exhaust gases. By having an expansion/compression ratio of 2:1, most of the enthalpy of ...


Are you designing a small commercial unmanned airborne system (UAS)? Perhaps you have found a few suppliers for autopilots, but you have definitely faced the problem of finding the right supporting electronic modules, such as onboard power systems, motor drivers and servo controllers.

The requirements in reliability and efficiency for commercial UAS are getting close to the ones of general aviation. However, the market only offers either hobby-grade modules or military grade equipment. The hobby remote-control modules are typically designed to minimise the price, while efficiency and reliability are not the members of the equation. In opposite, the military design is not suitable because they worth well above any feasible price horizon.

To bridge the gap, we have ...

The Problem:
1. Patient bed care (for the temporary or permanently bedridden) is a significant problem in Health Care and the Home Care Industry. Tasks that require positional changes often put both the patient and caregiver at risk of pain and injury.
2. High cost of care for the bedridden.
3. Shortage of nursing personnel worldwide.

The Benefits:
In response to the above mentioned problems, Acculine Int. has spent years developing and producing a full-sized working prototype of a novel patented bed, which provides significantly advanced healthcare with sizable cost savings. This drastically reduces time and effort required to handle patients, thus preserving their dignity, rendering them healthier and more independent.

The Novelty of the USB:
The ...

O.K. I'll list logic ( also view http://designdeskinc.com/Electric_Automobile.html )

1. Power from the battery powers redesigned electric motor to 1000 r.p.m., permanent magnetic generator energizes field coils

2. Air pressure is released impaling the redesigned electric motor/ generator assembly flow reduces field resistance

3. The pulley on the end of the redesigned electric motor / generator assembly is driving another pulley on the compressor assembly at 1:2 ratio in tandem with pneumatic impeller and resistance of the 1:4 ratio gear set and current "pick up" (armature of primary generator)

4. Now 2000 r.p.m. into a 1:4 ratio gear set produces 8000 R.P.M. in the primary generator. current re-dumped to the primary generator internal electric motor

Unusual State Alarm and Recovery Director

inexpensive stall warning device based upon known aerodynamic performance of airplane, balancing G-forces against force proportional to dynamic pressure. The basis for this idea evolved early (US 1,885,578 and 504,062).

Such an instrument may be an airtight case having upper and lower halves, with a thin circular diaphragm separating them and suspending a mass element Wm. The pitot tube supplies static plus dynamic pressure (Ps+Pd) below the diaphragm while static pressure Ps is on top. Net dynamic pressure Pd acts upward on the effective diaphragm area Am creating the dynamic force = Pd*Am to support the mass.

It can be calibrated in level flight (1 G) to produce a warning if airspeed drops below ...

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