The aim of this project is to ease the travelling and movement of blind people. It can be done in the following ways:
The blind can book a cab easily from wherever they want & without the help of any other people through voice. The
blind will be able to detect and board the cab easily using RFID. In the cab detection subsystem, the blind will be able to make emergency calls through the ...

This product will be made with plastic. This plate will solve the problem of cake slices breaking and falling down. A lot of cake is left behind on the plate at the time of serving cake slices. There is always a problem of serving cake slices after cutting the cake.

As per the sketch some lining mark will be designed on the upper surface of each triangle plate. The plate will be removed with cake's slice from the middle part one by one. We will press this plate slightly towards upside and this plate will be removed at the time of serving slices.

We will have to put the cake on the circular plate and the hook ...

This worksheet was developed to calculate the critical frequency of the Ionospheric Layer F2, F1, E, and D. What are these Ionospheric Layers? They are used to make the reflection or return of a wave or radio frequency to the Earth, allowing a radio communication in the frequencies of HF between two points, that is: frequencies of 3 to 30 MegaHertz ..
The differential of this proposal was to present a new way to calculate a certain frequency of Radio to establish a communication between two points with greater security.
The calculations to date do not present reliability and feasibility in the determination of this critical frequency, considering the use of number of sunspots and solar flux index assigned ...

This project aims at providing a new method of Regenerative Braking, by deactivating fuel supply and ignition during periods of braking and providing a valve to divert the outlet air from the cylinder to a storage tank, acting as a reciprocating compressor. Energy is spent in compressing the air and hence, slows down the vehicle, along with the production of compressed air.

The deactivation period is calculated based on the stored maps according the level of braking desired. The electronic system also ensures the direct use of brake pads when the extent of braking required is high.

Only the outlet manifold is to be modified to provide an ...

The water flowing down the shower drain contains a lot of heat that is wasted. Using average flow rates and temperatures from the EPA, the wasted power is 18 kilowatts. The average flow rate is 2.5 gallons / minute and the drain water is 50°F hotter than the water entering your house. My new funnel shaped heat exchanger replaces the traditional shower drain and recovers half of that heat. The heat is transferred to the incoming cold water as it travels to the shower’s mixing valve.

Many inventors have attacked this problem. The cold water, as it flows inside the supply tubing, has good heat transfer because its flow is turbulent. Earlier attempts tried to increase the surface area ...

In order to prevent accidents ALL vehicles should be equipped with a breath analyzer. The driver has to give a breath sample before he starts the engine. If alcohol is consumed beyond the limit, the vehicle engine will not start and if the breath sample doesn't contain alcohol then the engine circuit will be closed and the vehicle will start. This system will be linked to the police station through Cloud data and Internet of Things (IOT). Vehicle drivers will be provided with an emergency switch in that case they can start the vehicle without providing breath sample, by doing this so they agree that they are not drunk; vehicle details will be linked to nearest police station.

Secondly, ...

CarBidet ® Car Bottom Washer


Salt and other chemicals rust undercarriage components. Car-bottom rust is dangerous and expensive.

The undercarriage is vulnerable to damage due to lack of care. Salt and mud damage is a safety issue -- many undercarriage components cannot be rustproofed. The greatest need for non-collision car repair results from preventable undercarriage rust.

Undercarriage rust damages the environment by destroying vehicles, wasting money and energy, and squandering resources required to prematurely replace rust damaged vehicles.

Vehicles driven through floodwater are bio-hazards.

Car makers mandate undercarriage washing. They specify that it be done manually, warn of potential injury from sharp undercarriage metal, and threaten to void warranties if such washing is not done.

The undercarriage is ...

This submittal addresses further development of Carbon Blocks per provisional patent BJR 17-001 Prov, Carbon Blocks Made from Photosynthetic Plant Biomass for Long Term Sequestration of the Carbon from Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide, and Process for Manufacture (4/5/17). These blocks provide an extremely simple, but effective, measurable, and immediate method of direct removal of the green house gas (GHG) carbon dioxide (CO2) from earth’s atmosphere via conversion to plant based carbon (C) biomass by photosynthesis (specifically, in the form of fast growing, minimal maintenance weeds) and long term storage (sequestration) of the dried and ground plant matter and associated carbon inside the blocks to completely prevent carbon return to the atmosphere through the normal decomposition process.

NOTE - The blocks ...

Disease State: Heart failure and irregular heart rhythms (arrhythmias) result in about 1M people in the US implanted with pacing systems comprised of a pacemaker device and from 1 to 3 leads attached to the inside of the heart chambers or coronary vessels. The inherent blood-contacting nature of these endovascular leads and limitations in their placement results in over 10% complications – about $650M in healthcare costs - related to valve damage, heart wall perforations, heart failure from right ventricle pacing, ventricular dyssynchrony, endocarditis, inappropriate shocks, and lead failures. Traditionally-placed coronary vessel leads are limited by the locations of coronary sinus branches, their caliber, and the associated implantation challenges. Delayed left atrium activation from right atrium pacing reduces mechanical ...

In Manufacturing companies, the most critical success factor is the way the product functions in the hands of the customers. The concept of Zero Defects is the result of every operator in the factories doing their tasks correctly every time. When any single element is not right, the customer is vulnerable to a defect and all the engineering efforts go down the drain creating profitability problems everywhere.

The world class companies plan quality into the production process however WE ARE APPROACHING IT THE WRONG WAY. The dominant quality planning tool is the Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA) process which is looking for all the things that can go wrong and then mitigating risk on each failure mode. This ...

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